Chapter 12: Welcoming Our New Family Members

We are adding a new team in our Family. Find out who are they!

Hello hello, welcome back again to Friday and yay! It’s almost the weekend in few hours. So, this week, Info Trek has a great news to share with our readers. If you have previously done a research on soft skill training and team building provider, you would definitely come across a company called – Quorse. If you have not, make sure to check out their website by clicking here!

Well, we have officially merged with Quorse starting 1st July 2020 and together, we strive to keep our customers and you, happy 😀
With what you ask? How about – more certified training options, great computer equipment, spacious training environment and friendly staffs! Including me 😉 I’m “quite friendly”.

The difference between us would be that Info Trek specializes more on Technical Skills such as Developing App, Big Data, Cyber Security and more. Quorse on the other hand, specializes in Soft Skill and Team Building. For a start, our CEO have treated us to some tea time snacks according to our selection to break the ice between us and Quorse. Unfortunately, everyone was so anti-social, geeez.

Here’s the proof!

Well, Boss, if you are reading this, perhaps a pizza party next time? 😉 Or Quorse Team, maybe you can organize us a team building for free? 😉 Hahaha just kidding! Alright, this concludes our Friday Blog and to Quorse Team, Welcome to Our Family, we hope you’d like it here. Until then, continue to support us as a training provider, we will always be happy to serve you. Happy Friday everyone!

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