Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies Among Us

As the world evolves into digital approach, will developing AI skills be the next in-demand skills?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around since 1950 and is probably one of the most complex and amazing creations done by humans. Even until today, experts are constantly exploring and innovating new AI technologies. In fact, AI has reached us to the extend that we encounter some creations in our daily lives. However, not much people know that it’s the work of an AI and today, you will learn a few examples of it:

Google Predictive Search
Whenever you head onto Google to search for something, the moment you typed a word on the search bar, Google will show a few predictive searches that matches your word. That itself is AI in action. The accuracy of the prediction will increase when Google collects data about you such as your location, age, computer cookies and others.

Chat Bots
The automated reply in Facebook on a business’ social media is also one of the AI technology in place. Chat Bots with advanced level of AI can give responses according to the reply of a customer. It can be used as an appointment scheduler or simply serves as an automated reply to a customer’s enquiry.

Music & Product Recommendations
Brands like Lazada, Shopee, Youtube and Spotify has clearly invested in AI technologies. This can be seen with the results of behavioural recommendations where the app or website are catered to your choice of product and music. Often you would see a dynamic section such as “Products You May Like” or “Made for *Name*”.

AI helps businesses in various way including supporting and automating business processes, obtain insights, increase communication between company and customers, reduce errors, and more. Discover these courses to learn more about AI and how you can include it into your business.

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