Chapter 11: First Birthday Celebration in Months

Hiya! Welcome back to our Friday blog, if you are still with us then, hello loyal ones 😉 By the way, don’t you realize that ever since the birth of THAT virus, birthdays have been so dull? At times, people don’t even choose to celebrate it.

Remember those days where we used to partayyyy outside? Phew, it’s been so long. Even my body is ‘throwback-ing’ to when they were more useful. Now it’s nothing but pain in the ass. Haiyooor. So, without further a-do, let’s present to you Info Trek’s June babies!

Lucas & Linda 😉 Oi, social distancing mana? 1-metre apart!

May 21 – June 20 are dominated by the Geminis and they are known to be gentle, affectionate, ability to learn quick, adaptable and outgoing. It also says that Geminis like to chat with nearly everyone. Cheh, talkative means talkative la. Just kidding. On the other hand, the weakness traits to a Gemini – they are apparently indecisive, impulsive and nosy. Damn…those weaknesses.

Well there you have it. I just Google-d it lar, so don’t criticize me on the accuracy kay. If you want to read more about Gemini or your horoscope, Google is your best mentor 😉 Until then, Info Trek wishes all the upcoming babies a very Blessed Birthday & a Happy Friday!

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