3 PowerPoint Functions You Might Need

Discover the three PowerPoint functions you might not even know it exist.

Powerpoint is a tool that has been in the market and business for a very long time. It is an essential tool for users especially to the management levels, as they often utilize Powerpoint to present their ideas. Not only that, it consist of multiple tools that could either be a starter for designing skills, idea development, or more.

Most of the users are aware of the basic skills of Powerpoint. However, there might be a few functions that you or your peers have not used before. Check this out:

Shape Merging
Creating shapes has always been the basic squares, circle and rectangles. What if you want to create a custom shape for your presentation? In Powerpoint, you can opt to merge your shapes by heading to the “Format Design” of the shape and look for the function of “Merge Shapes”. From there, you can merge shapes together to get the design that you want.

Creating Animated GIF
Ever having trouble with developing your own GIF but couldn’t get the right tool to do it? Design and save your animation with PowerPoint slides and then use program such as GIMP to create it. This way, you do not have to keep your train of thoughts on hold just to find the proper GIF tool.

Include a Functioning Excel Data Sheet
This is a best approach for you to present the latest data insights or results without having to run multiple updates on your figures. Simply click the “Insert” menu, click on “Object”, proceed to click on “Create from file” and browse for the file you would like to insert. Once you have done this, check the “Link” box to make sure the data displayed are automatically updated.

These are the few functions you could take advantage of in Powerpoint aside to presentation. Further deep dive into the capabilities of Microsoft Powerpoint with these courses for as low as RM49!

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