Embrace Intelligent Applications with Kubernetes

Containerization for storing massive amount of information can be vastly improved through Kubernetes.

Containers have become increasingly popular since Docker containerization project was launched a few years ago. Since then, coordination efforts on deployment and development of software were drastically changed. By making softwares easier to manage at scale, project managers can oversee progress with little oversight.

While Docker started the containerization revolution, Kubernetes continues to improve upon it and introduced innovative ideas. While in practice Kubernetes is often paired with Docker, Kubernetes is fully capable to work with other container system. Kubernetes brings its own special values to aid organizations such as:

  • Reduced resource costs
  • Higher stability in managing applications
  • Reduced downtime with rolling deployment
  • Fully functional in hybrid and multi-cloud environment

With tools such as Kubeflow and Open Data Hub at disposal, Kubernetes is suitable as the containerization platform for development of intelligent applications. Data processing is no longer assigned to special silos of infrastructure. On the contrary, it can be integrated into the same infrastructure of organization, it helps to maximize investment in a single infrastructure.

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