Chapter 9: A Change In Environment

Read a casual blog on how did post-MCO have changed Info Trek’s work environment.

Happy Friday everyone! Especially for those who have been to office since 13th May. This marks just 2 days since companies are officially allowing employees to return to the office. It’s been awhile since there’s any post about Info Trek team. So, today we are going to share with you about the change in environment to us because it feels so much different from when we were at the office before MCO started.

Toilet Breaks Are Extended
Before MCO, toilet break was at most 5 minutes. However due to the entrance control by the building management, we have to head down to Ground Floor and back up again to use the toilet. This results in 2x the time used for toilet breaks.

Daily Lunch Deliveries
As most of you know, there are no dine-ins available at the moment, even though the rules have been lifted, restaurants are still not comfortable to open for dine-in. Which means… Abang Grab! We need you!

So Near Yet So Far
Social distancing has got Info Trek office split into 3 different rooms! Basically we moved out of our workplace and into another room while sitting far apart from one another. I’m not gonna lie, I think I kinda like my new desk! It comes with a 23″ monitor meant for training. Yeahh, you got that right, I’m using it for my dual monitor screen ;)!

Well, this is what we at Info Trek have experienced and we are looking forward to hear from you on what are the changes that has happened to you and your colleague. Until then, you know the rules. Mask, sanitize and social distance. Happy Friday!

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