Is your agile enterprise lacking a blueprint?

Every agile enterprise in this day and age should have agile integration as blueprint in active or standby.

Enterprises operate with agile philosophy may experience improved the much awaited efficiency. However, in the process of transition, it may also carry over some baggage or in other cases, leaving behind some which is no longer fitting in the new environment.

One of such dilemma is the legacy system of an enterprise. Old system may still have its use for an organization. Therefore, it is essential to integrate with the new and current system. This is especially true when an enterprise has established cloud-native applications and integration of legacy system is a big concern.

By applying agile integration, an enterprise can unify all elements as one to work in sync together. By freeing itself from any barriers that limit performance, an agile enterprise can go further without the risk of undoing the progress achieved. Agile integration is probably the missing blueprint for organizations to do more with everything it possesses.

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