Chapter 7: Look On The Bright Side

Be positive, play your part and it’ll be alright.

11 DAYS LEFT to the end of MCO. Ever wondered how businesses, regardless big or small survive during these times? Well, regardless the size, generally all businesses are struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and management are trying their best to keep the business running up till the end of MCO. Hopefully the business will go up once again and have a stable finance internally.

As an employee, all we can do now is to help in our best possible ways to keep the company running. Be it, the management’s effort in cutting cost, reducing benefits, reducing salaries, or even forced to take unpaid leave. We’ve got to support. Honestly, this is the best approach we can go unless you would rather have your company close down and all your colleagues to have no job at all. That would be rather selfish of you.

Frankly, if ever managements have an option, they will never hibernate the business and leave their employees with no salary as well as never will they want to touch their employee’s salary. They are doing that is because they have their reasons, and this is the last resort they come to in order to save the company.

Think about it, aside to not having entertainments and not being outside, you get to have a quality time with your family, read the book you want to for months, try the work-from-home feel that you’ve always wanted to, cook the dishes you saw online and more other things. This is once in a lifetime chance for you to disregard chasing money, and it’s okay.

So instead of focusing on the negativity that MCO has taken on you, how about looking at the bright side and enjoy the positive things that MCO has brought us. Until then, Flyday Blogger, signing out. I sincerely apologize for the serious blog. Hope you don’t dislike us!

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