About The Internet of Things (IoT)

Give automation a chance at handling your organization’s data with the IoT System.

In almost everything in the world, there is a unique identity for it. Items such as computing devices, mechanics, machines all have their code. Even humans and animals have respective codes and unique identity. The unique identity is used to not only identify the object or person, but to also provide data of the object or person. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices that gathers and transfer these data over a network without any human interaction.

How IoT Works & Where Does The Data Go?

Knowing that IoT collects and transfer data over a network, where exactly does the data ends up in?
Well, the IoT ecosystem consist of web-enabled smart devices that utilizes the embedded systems such as processors, communication hardware and sensors to gather and transfer data to the IoT gateway or IoT hub. From there, data gathered can be analysed and used on cloud or locally. Human interaction will not be included in any of these processes; however, people can interact with the data by accessing, or setting up instructions for it. Adding onto this, IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning can all be paired to further enhance the data collecting process in a more dynamic and simpler way.

How IoT Can Be A Benefit To An Organization

IoT encourages businesses to rethink their approach strategy in a way that, IoT provides data that company can utilize to improve customer’s experience (CX). This gives an advantage to the company to identify what are the customer’s needs and how to better enhance the experience and satisfaction of a customer for both the product and services.

Not only that, IoT acts as an eye to monitor the overall business processes with those data. It can show if business is going well, or which product have a better respond and more.

Additionally, there will be cost and time saved from implementing the IoT. This is because, employees of the organization handling data would not be tied up to collecting, cleaning and transferring data to databases. Instead, these employees can be put to a better job scope and focus on other campaigns and plans that could add more value to the business.

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