Chapter 5: Challenging The Spice

It’s Friday and I’m checking in! How’s everyone doing? Especially those sleepy head like me. It’s a bad idea that government actually encourages work-from-home. ‘Cause home to me, it’s all about the bed, and the bed, and the bed, and closing my eyes, and doze off. Teehee.

So right after sleeping, it’ll all be about food. QuestionDoes anyone ever randomly crave for spicy food? Or generally crave for food. I’m pretty sure most of you do and it’ll be weird if you don’t have cravings. Alien.

Unfortunately, this post will be about spicy food and do you know that, up to 62% of people in average love spicy food? That’s 6 in every 10 people! Non-spicy lovers, I’m sorry, you’ll have to bear with me but DON’T CLICK THE ‘X’ BUTTON. I need readers, else my managers will question me. Please help me 🙁

So, last week, before we were restricted to open our centre, one of our colleague suggested we (everyone at Info Trek) should take up a challenge to eat the Korean Nuclear Fire Noodles. Sounds scary right? Nuclear weyh, don’t play play. Then, we accept lor, cause sounds fun ma and hope to see people cry. Haha. This is what they prepared:

It doesn’t look like a killer noodle right? Wait till you try it.

Well, in the end, everyone completely finished their noodles and all the way from our pantry to our office, there’s a lot of “Hsss.. Haah.. Hsss.. Hssss..” sound. You know those sound when people make when they’ve consumed spicy food? Yeah those! So, if you’re a spicy food lover, there’s no way you can resist not trying this Nuclear Fire Noodles and other spicy food out there. But one thing to be sure of, drink lots of water and until then, Flyday Blogger, signing out. TGIF EVERYONE!

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