Microsoft SharePoint 101

Want to learn more about Microsoft SharePoint? Gerald Hoong, our Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) breaks it down to deliver a comprehensive product review for you.

What is Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a browser-based service that helps enterprises to share and manage content, knowledge, and applications. This helps organizations to accomplish their goals in:

  • Teamwork empowerment
  • Information management
  • Seamless collaboration in the organization

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Better Productivity For Organizations

SharePoint enables greater visibility and productivity for information workers across all verticals, in small and big businesses. What an organization need to get started with Microsoft SharePoint is only a browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or any others you prefer.

SharePoint centered on cross collaboration experience between organization members for secure sharing, content management, and workflow collaboration plus others. SharePoint is easy to use and maintain, plus built for fast adaptability by its users. In addition, it is also customizable and scalable. Therefore, SharePoint can be easily integrated into any existing and new projects of the organization.

Microsoft SharePoint Product Review

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How Useful Is SharePoint For Collaboration?

The days of missing e-mail delivery, delayed communication, and setbacks to better work productivity is history with SharePoint. In addition, SharePoint users are also granted access to OneDrive – storage platform a la Google Drive for users to store essential files and share with others.

This permit files owner to grant and revoke access to collaboration materials at their fingertips. Authorized and non-authorized personnel can be segmented in SharePoint and organizations can control how employees work with the documents.

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