Chapter 4: Strawberry, Choco or Vanilla?

Take a break, have an ice-cream.

Fly-Day Blogger checking in everyone! How’s your day?

Anyways, have you heard that the Belgium Choco Ice Cream from Family Mart has returned for March babies? How unfair! The year 2020 was suppose to be a February babies’ month because it’s Leap Year ain’t it? Aiyoooo this Fam Mart, tak boleh lah you, where’s my free ice-cream? But I’m not Feb baby la, saje wanna request.

Boss belanja makan. Got a lot more ice creams somewhere, but it disappeared quickly.

Also, do you know that ice-cream used to be a luxury dessert? But now also quite luxury la since there are some ice-creams that cost like RM4 to RM5 and even RM22 for one. Well, that’s only the start, read this -> the world’s most expensive ice cream is the Strawberry Arnaud with an eye-popping price of $1.4 Million. Like, ARE YOU CRAZY? For a flavored cream you charge me so expensive! But this one got 4.7 carat diamond ring la, so it’s a different story.

So, ice-creams used to be a luxury dessert that only the rich could enjoy and it is considered as rare and exotic siaaaa. Lucky for us, this only lasted until 1800s otherwise, we wouldn’t have the chance to taste any of it. ;(

Well, now’s your turn to share if your boss or any of your manager belanja-ed you any food/drinks/dessert. Welcome and bye-bye lunch not counted ya! Comment down below. Until then, Info Trek wishes everyone, TGIF and a happy weekend! 🙂

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