Why ITIL Certifications?

Find out why you should consider ITIL Certification

The challenges in digital data management are getting much more complex than before as the data required by businesses are growing. This is where organization can invest in IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification for IT Professionals in their companies in order to have a customized IT service management strategy implemented. This allow organization to collect, analyse and distribute the data accordingly, which will lead to an improvement in data managing. But let’s focus more on the benefits towards an individual instead.

An Extra Credibility for Portfolios
First and foremost, everyone knows that adding another certification to your portfolio is an extra ticket to be chosen to work for your dream company. Obtaining ITIL certification will not bring you far from this fact, however, the fact that ITIL certification is also known worldwide, it takes you to a different level than normal certifications. Now, that is what it meant by extra ticket to your dream company.

The Key Contributor to Organization’s Growth
If you own an ITIL certificate, it means your competence, productivity and capability levels are few steps ahead of others. This is where you contribute to building better relationships with customers or colleague within the companies. Not limited to that, knowing how to optimize the use of available resources and build processes in a more cost-efficient way, can make you stand out from your team. That is if you own both the ITIL certificate and the skills.

Introduce a Proactive Culture
Additionally, ITIL training helps build confidence to innovate new ways to improve customer satisfaction by pinpointing customers’ expectations and user’s experience. Whereas the service delivery quality can be improved by using the framework and tools of ITIL. All these innovations and identifying the focus point could lead to a proactive culture where it can be both introduced newly, and/or an upgrade from the old culture. With this, IT professionals are more likely to introduce new ways to handle challenges in an organization, confidently. You might be the one to initiate this culture.

Explore more of ITIL Certifications & Skills with these fundamental and intermediate courses.

No.Recommended Courses
1.ITILF: ITIL Foundation
2.ITIL-P: ITIL Practitioner
3. ITIL-4: ITIL 4 Foundation with Case Study
4.ILSS: ITIL Intermediate Module – Service Strategy
5.ICPPO: ITIL Intermediate Module – Planning,
Protection and Optimization
6.ICOSA: ITIL Intermediate Module – Operational
Support and Analysis
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