What Are You Doing With Your Cloud?

Cloud computing is not strictly for data storage only. Within those massive amount of data stored, opportunities lie waiting in silence. Greater target market outreach, reduced cost of management, you name it.

For cloud scale analysis… the sky’s the limit

As you guessed it, data cloud analysis is the premise of business intelligence. It permits business owners to utilize software and services and and convert data into actionable insights that aligns with business strategies and goals.

Why Cloud Scale Analysis is Good For Business?

Data consolidation: Large enterprises have myriad data sources, it is hard to form a big picture when they are insular. However, once they’re pieced together like Lego bricks, data mining and advanced analytics can be executed to turn data into opportunities.

Ease of access: Consolidated data can be granted access to employees and external stakeholders. In comparison to standalone data in different data sources, more resources and human labour must be employed to prevent data breach.

Collaboration: Data analytics performed by 10 employees vs 100 employees can differ greatly influenced by varying level of their expertise and experience. Cloud data analysis can produce better results through cross-examination through collaborative efforts of employees. Insights can be generated, and certainly less myopic in comparison to one’s solo work.

Wanna learn more about cloud scale analysis?

Check out this e-book and learn about….

• Coalesce and conform customer data from siloed locations and view it in one unified repository.

• Aggregate and interpret petabyte-scale data faster by using powerful data lake technologies.

• Identify macro patterns in real time and build machine learning models to predict future trends.

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