Create Eye-Catching Google Display Ads

What makes a display ad appealing to users? Make an ad that stands out with these guidelines.

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Attention-grabbing visual

display ad
Tell a story with pictures to convey an idea.

Unless you are selling insulin shots for the diabetic or anything that is remotely dull, there’s no reason why a display ad should look dull. To attract users to your advertisement message, it is essential that you make the effort to make a visually stunning display.

Get creative with use of colours, fonts, placement of text and others to experiment the correct formula that works for you. However, it’s essential that you create a visual that is unique to your brand, and stands out above your competitors.

Study Your Competitors

display ad
display ad

Before you get started with the design, one must research their competitiors’ display ads. This is to give yourself a general outlook of the effort required to differentiate your ad.

Start by researching keywords associated with your competitors and monitor the display ads that appear on the websites shown in the result page.

Select Good Headlines

When it comes to advertising your products and services, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • What is the purpose of your display ads?
  • What is the biggest selling point?
  • What is unique to you, and not seen in your competitors?

It would be essential to create catchy headlines for your display ads. This will help you to get users’ attention and they will be more likely to visit your landing page.

Reaching out to customers with a mobile app. Do you actually need one?

Incentive For Potential Customers

display ad
Add a promo code to get attention

Wanna increase the likelihood of users clicking your ad? Try give them an impetus.

Consider some of these below to include on your ad:

  • Promo code
  • Time-limited specials (Example. Expires today.)
  • Buy X Free Y
  • Extended Warranty

Choose a promotional headline to attract your customers. Other accompanying info should be less prominent on the ad. This is done to retain the prominence of the main headline.

Keep Text Minimal

display ad
Be selective and choose text that transmit your ad message clearly.

Display ad is not a magazine cover. While you might be tempted to relay as much as information as possible, it is not advised to do so for display ad.

Too much text distracts the users and the key message of the ad will lose its focal point. Extra text would only add as distractions that draws users away from interacting with the ad. The rule of thumb is to always allocate 1 headline and 1-2 sub headline on the visual. It would also be wise to choose simple words and keep it short.

Choose The Best Ad Sizes

What sizes should you choose for your display ads? If you ask Google, it would recommend these top performing sizes:

NameAd size
Medium triangle300×250
Large rectangle336×280
Half page300×600
Large mobile banner320×100

Of course, there are other sizes for you to experiment. However, it is recommended to start off with these recommended by Google itself. It’s also advisable to include at least one ad suited for mobile web browsing. This would help your ad to appear to smartphone users as well.

Get Ahead in Creating Google Display Ad

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