Preparation For RHCE Exam

Got your eyes set on RHCE? Here we give you some tips to pass the exam.


Is It For You?

If you are a certified Red Hat Certified Administrator and you would like to have your skills recognized, the RHCE exam is a good fit for you.

However, if your current work environment require you to engage frequently with Windows and other non-Linux operating softwares, you may need to reconsider. Would investing in RHCE certification add any value to career prospects? Most importantly, is it worth investing time and money on something you don’t regularly practice?


You must previously attained Red Hat Certified Administrator. To earn RHCE certification, you can choose between two paths which are legacy and new track. Legacy focuses on networking skills and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. In contrast, the newer option concentrates on automation skills and Red Hat Enterprise 8.

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RHCE Exam Details

Exam Name Red Hat Certified Engineer (RCHE) certification exam
Exam CodeEX294 / EX300
Exam Time4 / 3.5 hours
Exam Validity3 years

Exam Preparation

The exam can be challenging, but not so if you are prepared with sufficient training. To do so, candidates are afforded 2 learning paths for their convenience.

#1: Fast and concise

RH299: RHCE Rapid Track. The fast-paced course combines
combines RHCSA Fast Track Course (RH199) and System Administration III (RH254) into one. The course exposes candidates to advanced and intermediate tasks to build competence in passing the examination.

Ideal for: Busy professionals with very little time to spare. Comfortable with adapting learning under a short duration.

#2: Detailed and flexible

RH294: Red Hat System Administration III. The comprehensive course is thorough but cost slightly more than RH299. In addition, it is also offered in public and private classes only. However, you’ll be pleased to know that for the extra cost, the course doesn’t skip on quality. The module is based on the latest Enterprise Linux 8. It also coaches you to be proficient in Linux Automation.

Ideal for: Candidates who prefers learning gradually.

Exam Preparation Tips

Don’t skip the exam training. This might be obvious but it’s worth pointing out that adequate preparation matters. You can make good judgement on your readiness for the exam based on how you perform during the courses. This begs the question, should you still take the exam? If you need to make extra revisions, perhaps a private class is what you need to enhance your exam readiness.

Yes to hands-on practice. The actual exam involves hands-on approach as opposed to multiple choice questions and essays. Hence, candidates should prioritize actual practice for the practical exam. The exam questions may differ from the practice questions. However, candidates may take solace that their strong foundation can help them to survive the challenging exam,

Join Red Hat Learning Community. It requires self-discipline to stay motivated when you are learning alone. To stay motivated while you prepare for the exam, you can join the community This is a platform where you can interact with other members and learn together.

What is Red Hat Learning? It’s the one subscription you never knew you needed to master everything about Red Hat.

What’s Next After Completion?

Congratulations, you made it if you have passed the examination. In line with expansion of further development in RHCE, candidates can opt to pursue DO447: Advanced Automation – Ansible Best Practices (coming soon). Earning this certification would prove that you are able to automate the system management and deployment in an enterprise environment.

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