ITIL® 4 and COBIT®

In many areas of work, there can be a conflict between doing the right things or doing things right. In an IT environment, doing the right things can be summarized in what the IT team decides to focus in order to achieve the business aims. This is the IT governance. When this has been decide, the IT team will focus on doing things right. In practical terms, this translates to how the IT team will carry out the task. This is IT service management.

In this whitepaper, ITIL4 and COBIT will be discussed in depth from few aspects:

  • Putting it in perspective of IT governance and IT management
  • Focusing on similar problems from different directions
  • Similarities in framework architecture
  • Synergy in components of the government system and dimensions of service management
  • Synergies between ITIL service value chain and COBIT goals cascade
  • Synergies between ITIL Service value chain activities and COBIT domains
  • Synergies in ITIL practices and governance management objectives
  • How ITIL4 and COBIT 2019 are different?

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