Career in UX: What’s In It For You?

Thinking of a career in UX? This might be the sign you’ve been waiting for.


Why Start A Career in UX Now?

Lucrative earnings. The average annual salary of UX designer in Malaysia is estimated at nearly RM52,000.

In other parts of US, UK, and Europe, the average salary of UX professionals appear to be far from disappointing. Greater experience affords one with bigger paycheck, the same general rule of thumb applies here too.

Greater demand. According to Onward Search Salary Guide 2019, the second most in-demand role in creative industry. Glassdoor previously noted that a UX job is one of the best jobs in 2016 due to growing demand. The recent trend for UX professionals demand reaffirmed such forecast.

What Can You Do As UX Professional?

Are you a graphic or UI designer transitioning into UX? A newbie enticed by the good prospects of the career?

The changing creative industry calls for greater input from UX professionals and there’s an opportunity for every individual. If you have the experience and/or education credentials, the odds may be in your favour to explore your next milestone.

User Research

You are assigned to study and analyze user behaviour, needs, and motivations. Your input is instrumental during the phases of product design (conception, development, and actual production). You are to identify opportunities to improve product design and provide recommendations.

Usability Analyst

You identify usability problems based on UX principles. Your primary goal to achieve usability goals are matched by project objectives. You also play a crucial role in improving user experience by resolving UX-related issues. This is executed to improve customer engagement as well.

Information Architects

You concentrate on optimizing presentation of information to the users. You are to create plans which support organizational UX objectives. This can be accomplished by applying user personas and scenarios to develop user flow models.

Interaction Designer

As the name implies, your role is to create engaging experiences for the users. You succeed in doing so by researching and create seamless concepts. You work closely with visual designers to bring creative concepts to life.

Visual Designer

You give life into prototypes which by your effort, will become user-friendly visual designs. To help achieve user-centered goals, you need to create engaging and effective visuals that connects with the users.

UX Designer

You are the heavyweight of UX application in the organization. You are to research, test, analyze, and determine the best user experience practices. Naturally, you also act as the voice and drive the communication of projects to ensure all is in order.

Leaving out usability testing on new websites and applications can impact user-friendliness negatively. Do it right with a 5-minute guide.

Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) Certification: Your CV Asset

UX professionals with CUA certification stands out with proven knowledge and understanding of how it works. The seal of approval from Human Factors International is a badge of honour.

Industry analyst Robert Half noted that employees with in-demand skills enjoy approximately 5-10% salary increase compared to their peers. What better way to reaffirm their employers’ perception of your skills than a CUA certification?

While one to sit for CUA certification exam without any training, it is recommended that one invests time into a dedicated course. This will help to accelerate and optimize the learning journey. One can expect higher chances of passing the exam on first attempt.

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