Social Selling: Develop Relationships To Win Customers

Social selling is the key to build lasting relationships with potential customers. Conventional marketing techniques alone may not sustain a meaningful relationship with them, this is where social selling enters the picture.

social selling

What is social selling?

social selling

It isn’t news that some marketers have engaged in social selling but had no consciousness of it. Social selling involves one to build connections with potential customers, and enrich it by good content marketing. This will likely persuade them to consider the enterprise for future purchases.

A smart social selling marketer would opt to harness from the relationships built and publish educational content on social media channels. One may opt to publish information which is deemed useful to the client while it is also associated with the enterprise. This helps to imprint clients’ consciousness with the brand.

The art of storytelling on social media can create an engaging experience for consumers. Knowing how to do it right is what truly matters.

Short Case Study

IBM: Evolving with new trends

social selling
IBM building in Madrid (Spain), from 1989. Credit: Luis García/CC BY-SA 3.0

B2B clients makes up the customer base of IBM. Traditional marketing tactics namely telemarketing and e-mails were less effective for newer technologies. The unfruitful attempts to sell web-based technologies such as cloud computing and data security.

The information technology company developed “intelligent listening” to monitor conversations on trending and key issues among users. The sales representatives took advantage of circulating topics in question and published relevant content. The content was also published on their independent profile pages within IBM site.

Outcome: The orders for products skyrocketed 4X compared to sales quarter of the same period in the previous year.

Getting Started

Social selling requires marketer to establish the brand as the expert in the industry. The published content is not meant to be sales-driven, but rather informative to create awareness. The brand can position itself to possess acute understanding of trending subjects and understand issues faced by the people. According to LinkedIn Sales Solutions, 92% of B2B buyers engage with sales professionals if the enterprise appear to be industry thought leaders.

social selling

Identify target: Know where the conservation is taking place and establish a presence where it is most favourable to the brand. LinkedIn is a popular platform for businesses to showcase their expertise to potential B2B buyers. Sales pitches are less prominent whereas more posts concentrates on dispensing insider’s knowledge in the industry.

Create professional brand: A convincing image and brand voice are to be projected to the users. The marketer should treat the profile page as the forefront of communication channel with potential customers.

Create original content: Marketer should clearly understand what are they talking about. Regular posts on the profile can be supported by exclusive reports and findings that provide valuable insights. This will help establish the page as a valuable source of content.

Engage with audience: One-way communication is the least desirable when the marketer is trying to connect with potential customers. Content scheduling should be frequent to remain in public consciousness. Marketer can also opt to ask thought-provoking questions to elicit responses. One may also share interesting stories that will likely click with users.

What To Expect

The build up of interest for products and services provided may not be immediate. It may also be time consuming to identify the most engaging content strategies.

Provided a smart marketer curate content that intrigues and captures users’ attention, it is safe to say the potential client will consider the brand in the workplace parameter.

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