Pen Test (Penetration Testing)– Why Is it Important?

CyberSecurity and Penetration testing

When it comes to cybersecurity, most of the time, Penetration Testing, or Pen Test, in short, stand a crucial role. I know I have always written about the importance of cybersecurity and getting you people aware of cybersecurity. Well, Pen Test is in another region by itself. To put it into a more layman term, all the cybersecurity efforts are like studying, Pen Test is the exam.

What is Penetration Testing (Pen Test)?

Asking good people to hack your system so to test the security level of your cybersecurity. That’s the simplest way I can think of to explain Pen Test. Usually, we call these “good people” as White Hat hackers or ethical hackers, or to sound gentler, a Security consultant will be the right name.

One can engage this kind of services in a few ways. They can either hire a third-party security company where both parties agreed on what to test, how to test and who to test on, or a company can train their own IT team to take up the role as Pen Test Professional to conduct such testing. Both serve the purpose well, but it is advisable for the company to switch from time to time, so to make sure not bias from either method.

Some company even goes all the way to have a hacking competition within their IT team, where one team will do their best to hack the system whilst the other team will do their best to defend against it. Either way, conducting a Pen Test will surely benefit a company.

What are the benefits of Pen Test?

Well, as mentioned at the beginning, it is important to build the cybersecurity foundation for your company, there is no way to know how those efforts are holding up or what else to improve without conducting a Pen Test. Below are a few benefits of Pen Test that will encourage you to conduct a Pen Test for your system.

Detect and prevent security threats

Well, isn’t it better for you to discover any security loopholes on your system before the hacker does? Pen Test serves the purpose of detecting any security flaws in your systems or culture before it becomes something out of hand. With such effort, one can be sure that they are doing their best to prevent any cyber attack happening to them.

Pull your security team out of their wonderland

It’s difficult not to fall into our wonderland when we put so much effort into something. So, we really can’t blame the security team when they felt that what they have built is impenetrable. Well, Pen Test is here to help pull them out of their wonderland.

Maintain your customer’s trust and protecting company image

I know you will agree with me on this. It takes decades to build trust, but only seconds to break it. One of the reasons and benefit of conducting a Pen Test is to make sure that you don’t lose your customer trust over you. I mean, who would trust a company that can’t protect their customer’s information well? Pen Test make sure that there won’t be any security flaws in your system, so you can confidently tell your clients that they are in a safe hand.

What will the Pen Test be testing?

Well anything, as long as it is cybersecurity-related. To be specific, what Pen Test will assess on depends on what the company wants. But in general, the Pen Test can be conducted in all area that is cybersecurity-related. Phishing, social engineering, hacking, password cracking are some of the common things that hacker will do, so Pen Test will do the same.

As mentioned above, the Pen Test is a situation where a real hacker hacks your system, only thing is this hacker someone who won’t use that information he gets against you.

Final Verdict

I am fairly confident now that you will agree with me on the importance of Pen Test. Regardless of whether you want to engage a third-party security company or train your people by sending them for Pentest training to do it, it will still be a good choice for you.

I recommend that you should at least have someone from your team to carry out a Pen Test regularly since there is always a new method of hacking emerging daily. U.S. Homeland Security Department cyber defense branch Chief, Adrian Monza said that Pen Test is

“Really critically and importantly, what [penetration testing] has done is given us a much better sense of what are the things we need to focus on and where are the control areas that we have weaknesses,”

Adrian Monz , U.S. Homeland Security Department cyber defense branch Chief

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