Python: Why The Coding Language Is Popular?

What makes Python great for data analysis? It’s incredibly easy to use for all data scientists of varying expertise.


According to 19th annual KDnuggets Software Poll, 66% of users prefer Python compared to only 49% who opted for R. It was also awarded to be TIOBE’s Language Of The Year in 2018. Python was selected over other programming languages such as Java, C#, and PHP.

What Makes Python So Well-received?

Ease of Use

Python is reputed to be easily readable and the syntax is relatively simple. This makes it a great starting point for novice coders to hone their skills. Coders can also opt neglect some low level details such as garbage collection as it will be automatically executed for coders. The indentation mechanism can also be utilized to find the start and end of loops. This is easier compared to laborous tracking of opening and ending of curly braces.

Data Science Libraries

Performing data analysis gets easier with wide choice of libraries available at coders’ disposal. Constraints are removed to expand their coding capacity thanks to some of these popular libraries below:

NumPy: Predominantly used in scientific computing. It
provides high-performance multidimensional objects called arrays and tools.

SciPy: Ideal for high level computation. It is also used extensively with NumPy for scientific calculations. Unsurprisingly, this makes it best choice to handle algorithms and linear algebra.

Panda : Widely used along with NumPy in matplotlib. It provides flexible and fast data structures such as data frame CDs. Hence, it is excellent for data analysis and cleaning.

Matpotlib: Used extensively for data visualization thanks to the charts and graphs it produced. It is also suitable to be MATLAB replacement as it is free and open source. Ideal to look and gather insights from a visual perspective.

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Large Community

Python is widely used in various industries from video games to artificial intelligence. Since it is widely used and applied, the library continues to expand with the likelihood of solutions hidden in the archive.

The high ease of use of Python attracts high number of people. Hence, should one encounter any problems, any questions posted on the community platform will likely be answered by Pythonistas.

Last Words

Python is trending for the right reasons – easy to use, ample resources, and big community revolves around it. It’s no secret that it can be easy to learn for beginners. It can also be surprising to know that one can undertake Python basics to master the fundamental principles.

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