SQL Server on Linux: A guide to re-platforming and modernizing your data workloads

The modern data platform spans across heterogeneous environments, where operational databases, data warehouses and different data sources combine to drive insights from data. To innovate, you need flexibility when it comes to your choice of platform, programming languages and data infrastructure to get the most from your data.

Familiarize yourself with cross-platform and migration tools along with use-case demos of the cutting-edge technologies and enterprise-grade features now available in open-source and mixed-shop (Linux + Windows) environments.

Topics include:

  • Columnstore indexes
  • in-memory technologies
  • high availability
  • graph data extensions
  • Adaptive Query Plan
  • enhanced security features

Download this eBook to gain valuable insights on Microsoft’s modern data platform.

If you’re ready to learn how to harness Microsoft SQL Server 2016 to deliver mission-critical performance, gain faster insights on data, or drive your hybrid cloud strategy, you’re in the right place. These learning opportunities can help you get started quickly—from product exploration to deep training and certification.

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