Data Breach. How long it takes for a company to realize it?

No doubt, we are in a very, very connected world now. After all, The Fourth Industrial Revolution focuses greatly on connectivity and data. The convenience that the fourth industrial revolution bought to us will not only bring us the good but sadly the bad as well.

Ease of the connection means that it will be much easier for hackers to hack our data. And it is not hard to see this. Simply google cyber-attack/ cybercrime/ cyber security case, and immediately you will see the latest news regarding it. Well, believe it or not, these incident does not happen immediately in fact, it might actually be a few months before a company found out that their data are being breech.

So, How Long?

191 days.  This is the average number of days a company took to realize data breach. Honestly speaking, 191 days is more than enough for hackers to do what they want with the data they acquired, including selling it. Data selling is a very common scene in the black market. One can easily find the type of data that they want. There is even a webpage for one to search, filter, select the criteria of data that they want to purchase. And worst still, it’s cheap. Each data cost just around 13 cents, so means that the buyer can pay a small amount of money to acquire a huge amount of data.

Why does it happen?

Well, the human is the reason. Research shows that, out of the top 5 causes of data breaches, 4 of them are because of human or process error. Realistically, it would be nearly impossible for us human to stay forever safe in the current connected world. After all, we need to sacrifice to enjoy the convenience. However, it is crucial to be aware of what might and what will happen for each action taken. And it is not just you, everyone else with the access to your network should be aware of it as well. Imagine having a person in your company, who is unaware of the “power” of a single click. The result can be catastrophic.

What can you do?

Training and culture are the keys. There is no point in implementing all the latest anti-virus, technology to prevent this when someone in your company gives up all your information to the hacker by a single click. Of course, training is not enough to handle all this, building the culture is the key. But training is the first step in building this culture. After all, people need to know what to do first before they can do anything right? There is no need to go all technical for the training, just make sure that everyone received the knowledge required for them to not take any wrong step, or click for this matter.

Final verdict

Confirmation bias state that we only favor information that confirms our previously existing beliefs or biases. So, it is easy for one to say that “this won’t happen to me”. But the trust is, it does. Even a stay-at-home grandma will access to the internet can become a victim. Plus, getting things up straight in the first place is always the most cost-effective way. So, don’t wait till it is too late. Take action to build the culture now.

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