Docker: Containerization Leads The Trend

Pioneer of speeding up delivery time, Docker is the preferred tool for running applications using containers. Multifaceted privileges of using it gives way to its popularity for small to big enterprises.

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Suited For Developers and System Operators

Some developers are concerned on their applications running on different operating system hence, remain cautious and additional minority work ensures. Thanks to containerization, this is wholly eliminated. Developers can fully turn their attention to writing codes without worrying about its compatibility.

In contrast, system operators also benefit from the use of containerization. They can benefit from its high flexibility hence reducing number of systems needed. The small footprint it leaves behind plus lower overhead make Docker easy to work and deploy.

Containerization Runtime Champion

According to Sysdig’s Docker Usage Report 2018, it reigns in small and big companies worldwide for use of containers in production.

The report found that Docker was mostly in use by the enterprises surveyed. The report in 2017 identified that Docker was 99% utilized which indicated a 16% drop but still a leading containerization tool.

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Who’s Using Docker?

GlaxoSmithKline: The multinational pharmaceutical corporation used Docker Enterprise to bring its research and development to life. “Edge Node On Demand” as a platform allows researchers to conduct and store research in a secured, isolated environment. In consequence, analytics applications can be prototyped in an accelerated pace for efficient delivery.

PayPal: More than 200 payments per second are processed by this worldwide online payment system corporation. To avoid slow turnaround times, Docker Enterprise was employed to speed up unified application delivery. Thanks to its efficiency, Docker was able to achieve 50% productivity increase in operating applications.

Visa: Accomplishing higher output was a challenge to Visa due to underperforming cloud infrastructure utilization. This is also worsened by periodic maintenance, and system refresh cycles that created system downtimes. Docker Enterprise removed these barriers by optimizing payment processing flow to process millions of transactions daily.

There are also prestigious clients namely MetLife, ADP, Jabil, and others who succeeded in integrating Dockers into their business strategies for greater productivity.

Getting Started

To emulate the success achieved by the examples above, the developer, system operator, or anyone else involved must understand the basics. This can be accomplished with a web-based tutorial that provides basic know-how to visitors.

Fast track: Instructor-led training provides ample A-Z exposure on Docker. For a small investment, individuals are afforded with the opportunity to immerse themselves in high quality training conducted by a Docker expert.

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