Blockchain Workshop Is Happening in Penang!

Good News! Info Trek Penang is about to organize a Blockchain Workshop! This time, to make sure that our members get to learn from the best of the best, we have invited Blockphoria from Singapore, a world’s leading provider of industry 4.0 education, to deliver this workshop.

Who is Blockphoria?

One of the world leading Industry 4.0 education provider, Blockphoria has been an enthusiast in delivering the most quality and exciting Industry 4.0 related training to the public. The team from Blockphoria comprise of many talented experts from various aspect of industry 4.0, who are capable of sharing Industry 4.0 related topics with ease. We are very confident in their quality which, therefore, we decided to invite them to Penang to share with us their experience and knowledge on Industry 4.0, mainly Blockchain

What will be covered?

Well, for sure you can expect to learn what Blockchain is all about. For your information, Blockchain is not just about Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency. Blockchain is more than just that. Blockchain can help in the banking and finance industry, of course. Supply chain, data sharing, digital ID, digital voting and many more will benefit from the implementation of Blockchain.

Should You Attend?

Of course! It might be a big claim to say that Blockchain is suitable for everyone, but let’s back to the fundamental, isn’t it good to know more about the latest technology? Of course, we hope that this workshop can help you in your business or job, so to bring your business or performance to another level. Since Blockchain is still considered a kinda-new thing, it would be best if you are the decision maker or bosses for the company as this workshop will cover more on how blockchain can help for your industry and how you can implement it to your work or business. Of course, you can learn from this workshop and apply it to your daily task to impress your boss too. you are also welcome to join if you would like to gain new knowledge for your own interest. In fact, everyone is welcome to join this workshop. After all, one of our mission is to share as much knowledge to everyone as possible.

Detail for the workshop

This workshop will run in our Penang center
Title: Blockchain In The Age of New Shared Economy
Date: 11 July 2019
Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm
Venue: Info Trek Penang, Queensbay Mall
Attire: Smart Casual
Note: Refreshment will be provided
sign up: Click Here

Come and Join Us!

We really wish to see you that day and hope you will bring home some useful knowledge after the workshop.
Click here to register now and we will see you soon.
In the meantime, here is a video on our Blockchain Workshop in PJ. Enjoy!

Info Trek x Blockphoria Blockchain Workshop in PJ
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