DASA DevOps: Why Fundamentals Programme Is A Good Start?

Thinking about getting your competency certified for DevOps? It’s a smart move to get your expertise formally recognized. Just in case you’re having doubts, here’s why you should get started.

#1. Easiest out of DevOps examinations

As the introduction course to DevOps, the programme goes easy on newbies who are unfamiliar with DevOps principles. In comparison to DevOps Professional: Enable and Scale and DevOps: Product Owner, the Fundamentals exposes individuals to the A-Z of DevOps only. The aforementioned two courses aim to expand on the principles and put theory to practice. This is the opposite of Fundamentals in which principles are to be imprinted on individuals for future training and immediate application at the workplace.

#2. Salary bump

According to 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report by Global Knowledge, the annual salary difference between certified IT and non-certified IT staff in North America is USD15,193 (RM63,273) which is around 22%. In Asia-Pacific, the difference increases sharply to 45%. Investment in DevOps Fundamentals certification is worthwhile to add as CV asset for higher salary payout.

#3. Improved Productivity

Continuous delivery is the goal of DevOps and IT professionals can benefit from multitude learning elements of the course. The programme highlights importance of communication, integration and course automation for collaboration between IT professionals and software developers. This adds value to the finished product as accelerated production time has shortened delay to actual marketing of product.

#4. Better Job Opportunities & Job Retention

Possessing certification under your belt is more than impressing your future employers. It helps one to stand out above other candidates. A DevOps certification or the likes warrant a good first impression from the employer. In addition, one continues to stay relevant in regards to job duties and evolving technology trends. Hence, one’s expertise in DevOps continue to expand which makes himself a valuable employee in the corporation.

#5: Affordably priced

DevOps Fundamentals is one of the low cost option in the DevOps programmes. If one would like to experiment with DevOps and certification, Fundamentals makes a good starting point. It comes bundled with exam for only below RM2000. For any curious beginners in with job duties aligned with DevOps expertise, the Fundamentals programme is the recommended course for certification journey.

Convinced yet? It’s never too late to get started with DevOps, especially if it is a worthwhile investment for your career.

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