The Connection Between 5G and Cyber Security

The hype of this year, I think many won’t argue with me, will most probably be 5G. with the rise of the trade war between China and the US, no doubt 5G has makes its way to the world theatre. Plus, with the introduction of new 5G phones like Huawei Mate X and Samsung S10 5G, it is safe to say that 5G is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Now, we are not going to talk about Trade War today, but we are going to talk about 5G. Or, more specifically, how 5G affect Cyber Security.

Advantages of 5G

To talk about the risk of 5G, we must first know what 5G is good at. First thing first, they are fast. Very fast. How fast you ask? It is projected to be 100 times faster than our current iteration. With faster speed and bandwidth, means more device can be connected. I am a firm believer that 5G is the key to the fourth industrial revolution. Since IR4 focus heavily on connectivity, 5G will be one of the key enablers for these features. The autonomous car, Smart Home, Smart City will not be a dream anymore with 5G help.

Cyber Security Threats

It’s nothing new actually, the threats are still more or less the same. The only problem is that attacks can happen faster, wider, more sophisticated and stealthier now. When we are in the 4G era, cracking an online file (we all know that there is no such thing as anti-hack file right?) might take 1 hour. Now with 5G, it might be just 1 minute.

This will bring us a lot of issues as we are stepping into IR 4 and what IR 4 emphasis on, is connectivity. Greater connectivity means easier hacking, as the hacker will only need to hack 1 device in order to get access to others. IoT devices, for example, is of the key in connectivity. Wipro reported saying that IoT is one of the major avenues of attack.

That’s not just the only issue. The next big concern will be on identity theft. Again, link back to connectivity, 5G will enable all the services to be personalized. That means people will need to provide more information in order to enjoy the services provided. A single hacking activity is enough for the hacker to obtain all the information they need to impersonate a person.

What can we do?

We need to do, what we are doing now, except we need to do it fast. See, the 5G game is 2 ways, the features and effect that it brings will benefit both the good and evil. So we can definitely use what 5G provide to strengthen our cyber security, or, better still, let’s just do it right in the first place. What that means is that we just have to make sure everyone with access to our network are well aware of the security threats at the first place, and they take every precaution they can to not compromise our network. With that effort, I can assure you that 5G will do more good than harm to us.

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