How to Respond – Flipboard Cyber Security Breach

Here is something interesting for you to try. Go to, search “Cyber attack”. On the first page itself, you will notice something. At least for me, what my thought when I do the search is “wow, there are so many cases of cyber security breach nowadays.” I have been paying attention for any cyber attack case for some time now (since I need to prepare material for the blog post) and there is a trend I realized, Cyber attack is getting more and more common, and hackers are getting more sophisticated day by day.

Flipboard Cyber Security Breach

On 29th May 2019 morning, I received an email from Flipboard, one of my favorite platforms to read on resourceful information, saying that they got hacked, and it happens since June 2018. I was actually shocked, not because they got hacked, but because there is no news about it until Flipboard announce it themselves.
Few days before receiving this email, I just get to know that, another favorite platform that I use, got hacked as well and the hacker/s even openly called ZDNet, telling ZDNet that they have hacked

How They Respond

Back to the Flipboard case. Although they were hacked, I must say, they do have a very good crisis-handling PR Team. What did they do? Simple, they admit it. Their email comprises of few sections. First, they inform, think of it as an executive summary. Next, they give you a detail on what happened. Then, they let you know what information was taken by the hacker/s. The following step is crucial, that is informing their users, what action are they taking to solve and prevent such action from happening again. Follow by that is what users need to do. Lastly, where to find more information regarding the attack. It’s simple, but sincere, for what I think. They didn’t find any excuse, instead, focus on being transparent and solving the problem. I feel safer after reading their email because of how they handle the incident.

That’s the thing guys, it is very important to handle crisis well because it is an opportunity for a company to show how committed they are, towards protecting their users/customers information.

Flipboard Email to users on Cyber Attack

Final Verdict

But all and all, the best is to make sure that we user change our password from time to time. Check out how to set a secure password by reading our article. Also, with the ever-growing cyber threats, it is best to make sure you yourself or your acquaintance are aware of the danger and importance of cyber security. Best way to do that is to join our cyber security awareness users course to experience it yourself.

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