Why The Future Of The Cloud Is Open

Choosing how to build a hybrid cloud is perhaps the most strategic decision IT leaders will make this decade. It is a choice that will determine their organization’s competitiveness, flexibility, and IT economics for the next 10 years. Most organizations will have a hybrid and heterogeneous IT environment. Keeping such an environment from fracturing into isolated silos requires embracing openness across multiple dimensions. Fundamentally, an open hybrid cloud is about helping organizations across all industries.

Learn how an open hybrid cloud delivers on the full strategic business value and promise of cloud computing:

  • Build new, composable, integrated cloud-native apps for new revenue streams.
  • Develop apps and respond to the market more quickly with DevOps agility.
  • Deploy on a scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure that quickly adapts to change.
  • Protect the business with management, security, and assurance capabilities.

Download this whitepaper to understand the topic in depth.

Bonus Tip: An IT professional who is a Red Hat Certified Specialist in OpenShift Administration is able to:

Configure and deploy Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform master hosts
Configure and deploy OpenShift node hosts
Deploy the OpenShift Container Platform authentication
Manage OpenShift Container Platform resources
Use OpenShift Container Platform to deploy applications

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