Scrum Is Not Working

Well, seems like you are one of those victims who implemented Scrum, but after few tries, found that seems like Scrum is not working. Well, fear not. We are here to help.

But before we offer any help, let’s first identify what are the reason Agile fail for your team.

Read this blog post to first understand what is Scrum First

Why Scrum Fail for Your Team?

Boss Don’t Agree

There are cases where Agile start from a small team, where the team leader found out about Agile and are deeply interested to apply Agile scrum for their team. However, Scrum is considered a fairly new concept where not everyone is able to understand and accept. For that, it is important for the team leader to make sure that their boss is understanding about Scrum and agree to it as well.

The Team don’t understand Scrum

The boss wants to implement Scrum, but sadly the team doesn’t even understand what Agile is. This is also one of the common situations that a company might face when trying to bring Agile into the culture. Scrum methodology has become so useful, they have become something that is not only being used by the IT team but by other teams as well. Plus, a project might involve members from a different field, for example like marketing, Human Resource, Finance and so on. So, making sure that the team understands what Scrum is all about are also very important for scrum success.

Don’t know how a proper scrum project looks like

Yes, training will explain how a scrum project looks like and how to properly run an Agile team. But, as always, books only teach so much. It is very difficult for the Agile Team, especially a fresh one, to really understand how to run an Agile project, without first experiencing it themselves. This might potentially result in the whole Scrum project to fail.

Not Being taken seriously

This might happen to both the boss and also the team members. There is a famous phrase in the Scrum world, called “scrumbuts”, and below are top 4 buts’ that one might face very often

People Running to represent Scrum Sprint instead of Marathon

1.    42.2km Sprint

Sprint was supposed to be short and fast. Funny enough, there is a situation where a team member treats sprint like Marathon. They schedule the sprint tasks to as long as 6 weeks. I mean, if the task requires 6 weeks, then it should be chop down even further, right?

2.    Interrupted moment

When a team is in an agile project, they need dedication to it in order to fully benefit from agile. Sadly, bosses don’t understand the importance of it and from time to time, throw in some ad-hoc task for the team member. Sorry but in order to really “scrum”, there should be the focus, and no ad-hoc task is allowed.

3.    No meeting? Big problem

One of the “signature dishes for scrum is the daily meeting, a short and simple one to keep everyone updated on everyone’s task. However, it was not treated fairly by many, as they will tend to skip the meeting for whatever reason. That is a big no-no.

4.    Not looking back

The past is the past, and we should not dwell in it. True, we should not dwell in it, but we should learn from it. Many will think that retrospective is a waste of time which therefore not wanting to look into it. However, it is important to find out the answer to the following question;

–    What Went Wrong

–    What Went Right

–    What Can Be Improve

Answering this is crucial for a Scrum success.

Check out this wonderful article by Hexacta to understand more on why these factors will result in Scrum failing.

What can I do?

Fear not, Info Trek is here for the rescue. After Understanding from our clients the problem that they are facing, we have worked with our trainer to develop a series of the solution, cater to solve all the difficulties you might face when implementing Scrum.

Agile Transformation program

Our Solution is unique and special, you won’t be able to find them in the market (Exclusivity that is). We call this solution “Agile Transformation Program”

Basically, this covers 5 areas

1.    Setting the right mindset

2.    Creating awareness

3.    Implementing Scrum

4.    Enhance the effectiveness of Agile

5.    Maintaining Agile in your organization/team

Contact us now to find out more on Agile Transformation Program. You won’t find another training provider that cares for you so much.

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