The Path To Cloud-Native Applications

Digital business brings to mind innovative technologies. For the majority of organizations, digital business means pivoting to a culture of organizational agility, where the rapid pace of demand can only be satisfied by faster and more flexible development and delivery models. As most organizations do not have the luxury of completely rebuilding their technology foundation or immediately adopting new practices and mindsets, they are embracing gradual yet fundamental shifts in culture, processes, and technology to support greater velocity and agility.

Learn the 8 steps to guide your journey to faster, cloud-native application development for modern, digital business:

Step 1: Evolve a DevOps culture and practices

Step 2: Speed up existing applications using fast monoliths

Step 3: Use application services to speed up development

Step 4: Choose the right tool for the right task

Step 5: Provide self-service, on demand infrastructure

Step 6: Automate IT to accelerate application delivery

Step 7: Implement continuous delivery and advanced deployment techniques

Step 8: Evolve a more modular architecture

Download this e-book to understand the path to cloud-native applications in depth and learn how Red Hat OpenShift training can support your cloud-native application journey.

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