5 Faces of Today’s Employees

In recent years, we can see workforce changes with more Millennial employees, remote working has become common and collaboration tools have expanded far beyond email and conference calls. However, adopting too many business applications may cause productivity loss, cost and security risks.

How do you give employees the variety of tools they want while meeting the security and productivity needs of your organisation? Look at the 5 examples of employees with different work styles to understand how they want to collaborate:

  1. Victor, Head of Finance – Works at company headquarters
  2. Wendy, CIO – Works at company headquarters
  3. Miklos, Social Media Specialist – Works at company and from home
  4. Renee, Business Development – Works from the road and in the office sparingly
  5. Pia, Independent contractor – Works remotely from a home office

At the end of the day, your entire team still needs to work together. With Microsoft 365, we bring your diverse team closer together with an integrated suite.

Download this e-book to understand more on different working styles of employees and how you can enable your employees to use the tools that work for them, without compromising security, productivity or budget.

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