Scrum Agile. All You Need to Know.

What is Scrum?

Ever experience before, where your team is facing difficulties to address complex adaptive problems? Scrum can help.

Scrum is a framework that is designed to address those complex question. The core focus of scrum is to create an effective team collaboration on complex products.

Generally agreed, Scrum is lightweight, simple to understand, but at the same time, difficult to master. In Scrum, there are Scrum, which consists of 5 items.

First will be Courage, that is, scrum member has the courage to do the right thing. Next is Focus, every team member focus on completing the sprint task and also achieving the overall scrum team goal. Commitment is also part of scrum value, that is everyone in the team are committed to achieving the goal set by the team.

Everyone should also Respect each other in the team, trusting them to be capable of competing their given task. Lastly Openness, that is both the scrum team and their stakeholders are being transparent to each other to make sure that task can be completed effectively.

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Who is in the team?

Scrum is usually made out of the team which consists of 3 to 9 member, which each of them having their own role. There are mainly 3 entities in a scrum team, Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Scrum Developer.

Scrum Product Owner

This person is the one who represents the stakeholders. The role of a product owner is to make sure that the value of the product created by the development team is being maximized. Product Owner will be the only person who is responsible to manage the product backlog, that is the prioritized dynamic list of all the work that might be needed for the product.

Scrum Master

So, who is this Scrum Master? Scrum Master is the one who is responsible of making sure everyone in the team is executing scrum value and following the Scrum methodology. They are the one who make sure that not just the scrum team, but also those outsides of scrum understand scrum value, practice, rules, and theory. They are the one taking care of the order of the team.

Check out more about the role of a scrum master.

Scrum Developer

Many will think that Scrum Developer are people that are subject matter expert for the project topic. However, the truth is that the whole scrum development team are made out of more than that. There will be a business analyst, software testers, designers, architect, and whoever that is needed by the project. The trick is that Scrum Developer will need to understand how the whole scrum process works so to work together as a scrum development team.

What else?

As mentioned above, scrum is easy to understand, but difficult to master. There and many more one need to know about Scrum before they can practice it themselves.

Check out this wonderful guide by Scrum.Org on the whole scrum process.
Check out our website to learn more about Scrum.

You could also look at this whitepaper on the 8 Stances of Scrum Master.

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