Don’t play with Hacker – Cyber Security

Never underestimate the power of a hacker, and the importance of cyber security. This is something I often tell my friends and family and there are good reasons for me to say that.

I have seen many cases of cyber attacks happening around me. I even saw a white hacker hacked into a well reputable website to change the pricing of the purchase (of course he did not really purchase the product as that will be illegal).

All of these add up into one very insecure man on all his device (me).

I started to pay attention to all the “terms and condition” that I was requested (forced) to agreed on and realized that I have willingly allowed someone to access my device, anytime, anywhere.

Ever experienced this? You were talking about some product with your friends/family and a few moments later, when you are browsing Facebook or any webpage with ads, you see advertisements of the product popping up, without you searching about it.

Yup, I had the same feeling as you do when I first notice about this. Scary isn’t it? Someone is listening to what you are saying, every time.

Well, that is the compromise we have to pay if we want technology to make our life easier.

So what can we do?

Actually, there is a lot we can do.

1. Protect yourself by knowing what information you are giving out. Don’t just “accept, accept, accept”, read, understand, and make sure the information they are requesting is really necessary for their service. For example, I allow Google to access my microphones, as I often use voice to activate Google assistant, but I don’t allow Camera for Google as I don’t use anything in Google that need to access the camera.

2. Make sure the application you are downloading is from a trusted developer. One simple App downloaded in your device might affect your whole network, including those from your company.

3. Listen to your device. I realized something funny from people around me. Every time, when their device prompted a message, they will ignore it and click accept without even knowing what it is all about. Come on, there is surely a reason why the message exists, read it and understand it before taking any action. Blindly accepting every message will result in it agreeing to things that you don’t mean to.

Why do we need to follow the these cyber security rules?

I know, following all of this every time is very tiring. But guess what, it’s worth it.

Getting hack is not just troublesome, it’s a waste of time and money. Therefore, I would say it is worth it to follow those 3 simple steps above (I personally follow that every time).

Failure to follow the above might result in weak links in your cyber security, which might result in catastrophic disaster for you and your company. Therefore, it is crucial to keep everyone around you or at your company aware of the importance of cyber security.

To make sure this don’t happen to you and your company, it is best to attend any type of cyber security awareness course. I personally feel that everyone nowadays should have certain amount of knowledge on cyber security, I even think that we should include this as compulsory class in high school.

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