Microsoft Excel, It is Important

Seriously, we never knew that Microsoft Office (especially Microsoft Excel) is so important and useful.

Not until I really join the working world that I know these Microsoft Tools can be so helpful and powerful.

Comment below if you disagree and let me know why.

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Where it all start?

I live in a generation where the transition from traditional to digital happens.

I remember during my younger time; computer knowledge is not an essential skill for one to get a job (especially Desk job).

But look at where we are now, basically every job requires a computer, whether to create a report (usually using Excel), prepare presentation slides (PowerPoint, of course) or write a proposal (Using Word), everything requires the knowledge on Microsoft Office.

Don’t get me wrong, there is still a high chance one can get a reputable job, even without prior knowledge on Microsoft Office (I personally learned Microsoft Excel only after I join the working world).

But please prepare yourself as you will be required to attend Microsoft Office courses in the near future.

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Microsoft Excel

Above all Microsoft Office product, Excel is the one that is most widely used in the workplace.

Ok, that may or may not be true, but one can say that there is an alarmingly large number of Microsoft Excel user in this world.

Therefore, getting yourself equipped with Excel skill will definitely be a clever move.

So, one might think that Excel is just a simple “Sum” “Count” functions. Wait till you see the magic of Microsoft Excel.

Here are things you don’t think it is possible with Microsoft Excel;

you can visualize data with Excel;

learn how to create a calendar table with DEX;

or customize financial Period with Excel;

Picture of Excel Sheets

These are just sneak peek on what Excel can do, wait till you learn Excel Visual Basic for Application, Macro, Power 4 and more.

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