Understanding The World of Adobe Photoshop

You must have heard before, where one of your friends told you that a picture was “photoshop”. And immediately you will understand that what they mean was the photo being edited or not the original form.

This situation clearly shows that how far and how much Adobe Photoshop tap into our life.

The History of Adobe Photoshop

First picture of photographic manipulation without Adobe Photoshop. An old image of sky and sea
Source from: huffington Post

The very first recorded photographic manipulation (photo editing) happens on 1856, where Gustava Le Gray manually merged 2 photographs into 1.

However, everything changes after 1987 when Thomas and John Knoll developed Adobe photoshop, hoping to display Grayscale image on a monochrome display.

Fast forward to 2019, Adobe Photoshop has become a synonym for photo editing, although Adobe does not encourage it (due to trademark issue).
Adobe has even step foot into various other field, For example their mobile creative apps Adobe Spark Post.

Photoshop is now one of the most widely use photo editing tool to date.

Why is Adobe Photoshop so popular?

Photoshop was not that popular during olden days as there are many other competitors that are able to do what they do, sometimes even better.

However, everything changed when photoshop start to put in their effort on improving the users’ workflow.

Photoshop is able to help users to save work from the moment they import their photo/document to export.

And with such popularity gain, they are able to grow bigger and therefore develop more functions for their user.

Picture of sea, sand and building. photo edited by Adobe Photoshop

Where can you find Adobe Photoshop?

Everywhere with design and photography. It is said that Photoshop has become the default tools used by top photographers.

Andrew Scrivani, a famous food photographer once said, “photoshop opened up a whole new world for us Photographer”. He personally uses it daily.

CreativeLive (Company that help Apple, Nike and ERI to take photo) CEO Chase Jarvis said that Photoshop can be extremely helpful in High-end advertising shots as it acts as cushion during highly active shoots.

Why learning Adobe Photoshop is good for you?

Since Photoshop has become so popular, the demand for this skill will also increase.

Photoshop has been said to be able to provide endless possibility, and the only limit is the user’s own creativity. It is also famous in helping to rectify mistakes in photography and can also restore old images.

Final verdicts about Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is here to stay. People are just too used to its ease of ecosystem, which many will not take the risk and effort to change to another tool.

There are, however, some aspect where competitors have the edge. Sketch and Corel Painter (famous for digital Painting) are some of the notable example.

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