Info Trek Events Highlight in January 2019

1 Scrum Meetup

A 2-half day workshops on topics related to Scrum was being introduced on 9 January 2019. This free workshop was organized in the thought of inviting past Scrum participants in a refresh course to revisit the Scrum Framework which many might have challenges while implementing it at work.

During the morning session, our experienced trainer has revised the Scrum Framework with the attendees. The trainer has focused on these two main topics during the 3 hours workshop:

  1. Clarification on myth and facts about Scrum.
  2. Importance of Scrum elements covering roles, artifacts and events.

This sharing session is worthwhile where the attendees are able to revisit their own processes and clarify their doubts with the help from our Certified Scrum trainer.

As for the afternoon session, workshop was conducted in the method of open space and role playing. Our trainer has shared some stories about success and failure in organization agility or scrum product delivery. He also shared his learning process and the way they scale practices.

In order to ensure attendees gaining better understanding, our trainer has required attendees to work in group to brainstorm ideas and share with everyone. This is a good opportunity where attendees are able to learn from each other who are working in different environment and culture.

Click here to find out more information about the Scrum courses.

Check out the event’s video below:

2 ITIL 4 Preview Workshop

The much awaited ITIL 4 has been released and we have invited our guest speaker, Sean Low from Quint Wellington Redwood to share on what is ITIL 4 all about on 14 January 2019.

This half day workshop was to assist participants in these few points:

  • to understand the basics of ITIL 4
  • what is the improved updated framework and different options of transitioning to ITIL 4.

The speaker has also advised current and potential course participants on the importance to continue with their ITIL v3 journey as they prepare to embrace ITIL 4.

We are as excited as you on the new release of ITIL 4, hence we are giving a special promotion for ITIL 4:

Check out the video of ITIL 4 Preview Workshop:

3 Transforming Into A High Performing Organization

Organizations around the world are seeking sustained success. The challenge most organizations face is deciding their first step. Maximizing the chances of success requires executives to identify and prioritize the specific outcomes they would like their organization to achieve. Maurice Boon, Chairman of the Board of DevOps Agile Skill Association (DASA) and Sean Low, Senior Consultant Asia were invited to speak for the event.

Main topics discussed during the workshop:

  • Agile– Short cyclic value creation with the business
  • Lean IT– Reducing wasteful activities, increase flow and Lean leadership
  • DevOps– Engineering mindset, technology stack, automation, continues deployment
  • ITIL v4– How does the new ITIL focuses on service management and integration with the Lean, Agile and DevOps concepts
  • COBIT 2019– Importance of governance and the scaling of governance

Catch a glimpse of the workshop from this video. Our guest speakers had also shared their thoughts on effective organization transformation:

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