Healthy Employees = Happy Employees

They say happy bees make more honey, but what conceptualizes happiness better than good health? To attract and retain top talents, employers must provide more than attractive remuneration or fancy workplace.

It is reported that Malaysian employees lost 67 work days due to health-related issues. This causes a significant loss of productivity and money to employers. It is also found that Malaysian employees practised poor diet and slept less than 7 hours. These issues are ultimately reflected in their well-being at workplaces.

What Do Employees Need?

To ensure optimum productivity of employees, employers should do more than providing the workforce with a flashy medical insurance card. What are other productive ways instead?

Providing employees with a medical insurance card equipped them with a financial safety net to foot the cost of medical bills. This practice solves the problem only when they surface. In contrast, employers should “condition” employees a la Ivan Pavlov to care for their health. Conditioning their choice of diet and lifestyles aid in improving their state of health for overall improved work and life quality.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Workplace can be a stressful environment to be at therefore, it pays when employees look after their own health. Providing healthcare employment perks is a good start, but employees should be equipped with skills to look after themselves. When they are able to care for their own health, the likelihood of poor productivity due to health-related issues is reduced.


Evidently, Malaysians are dying from a variety of health risks – some which are preventable. A global study found that poor diet is responsible for one in five deaths worldwide. Malaysians are not known for living healthy lifestyle either as we are known to be the most obese in Southeast Asia, according to another study. It is lamentable that certain deaths can be prevented but no proper actions are taken. Employers should take the helm and motivate employees for better health living. In consequence, the productive capacity of employees can be increased when they are not falling sick or succumbing to deaths.

How To Make The Big Leap Forward?

Ready to make a difference for your team? There’s no better place to help your employees to be their best selves than the workplace. As an average person spends nearly half of his day at the workplace, it is the most suitable environment to influence their thinking and behaviour. Achieving this goal with professional help can be more impactful with foreseeable results. We’ll recommend a Building a Better Health & Better Life programme tailored for all enterprises in any industries imaginable.

Coached by a certified dietician from Beacon International Hospital, the programme aims to implement a transformational outcome for working professionals. Concise yet extensive, the programme is carried out in 1 day for lasting impact.

Both employer and employees can learn excellent health guidelines to turn a dull office into a lively second home. The programme is set to inspire all individuals to take charge of their lives and prevent themselves from becoming unfortunate victims of poor lifestyle choices.

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