Have you experience a cyber attack before?

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After our previous post on the evolution of Cyber Security skill and how to build a cyber security culture, some of you might have a question popped up – What exactly is cyber security?

This article aims to help you answer that question so that you do not have to look elsewhere.

What is Cyber Security?

Simple, it’s the action of protecting hardware, software, and data that are internet-connected from cyber attack. – period

Cyber Security is not that simple at all.

If it is that simple, there won’t be so many cases of cyber attack that make their way to international news.

From big companies like Marriott Hotel, Sony and Adobe to countries like South Korea and Russian, all of them had faced some serious cyber attack before. Worst still, things are getting more complicated in 2019, since the proficient of hacker has been improving daily.

How many types of cyber attack available?

Tons of it. There are so many types of cyber attack available, it’s just impossible to list all out.

However, below are a few famous ones;

This type of attack basically aims at ransoming the computer owner by locking their computer system files so that they are unable to access it until they have made payment to the hacker.

Pronounce as” ‘fiSHiNG “, is as the name itself. The hacker will send fraud email, which usually will look like from a reputable source, to fish out sensitive data from the receiver.

A type of program file, which if user click or installed it, will inject viruses like Trojan and Spyware into the user’s computer

Social engineering
It’s not as friendly as it sounds. This type of attack aimed at human weakness. The attacker will have a person to make human interaction with the user, in hope to trick the user to share sensitive data.

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Why Cyber Security

Cyberattack has resulted in huge lost (USD 12.2 billion for Malaysia based on research), cyber security must be treated seriously.

Having cyber security does not mean that the attack will not happen. Instead, the purpose of cyber security is to prevent and defense from being attack.

How many types of security available?

Since there are so many types of attack, there will be so many types of defenses.

Penetration testing, IoT security, Cyber Security Awareness, Big data security are just some of the major defenses one need to carry look into.

Final Verdict….

Two words, “No Joke”. Cyber security is not a joke, especially at this time. And it does not only apply to corporate, but the individual will also have to be aware of the importance of cyber security.

Company owner will need to build a culture of cyber security in their company as humans are the primary factor of a security breach. Always remember, prevent, and not react.

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Source of information: Tech Target Search Security

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