IT Service Management Benchmarking Report 2017

As individuals, ITSM professionals believe they have a clear understanding of strategy and are driving changes within the organization. However, there is a perception that the goals of organization and those of their ITSM teams are not aligned. ITSM teams failed to utilize evaluation tools, metrics and measurement as integral components of their work practices, instead they focused on operational processes. Organizations need to adopt a holistic view of service management in order to initiate the transformation successfully.

This report represents the findings of AXELOS’ 2017 ITSM Benchmarking survey and provides insights into the market as it stands and how it is likely to develop. It is the first of its kind from AXELOS. Their aim is to produce an annual report on the status of the ITSM industry.

The report covers:

  • Aligning ITSM with the goals of the organization
  • ITSM challenges in organizations
  • Equipping for success – Emerging practices

Click here to download the report.

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