Docker: Dock It To Win It

The fastest way to transform your enterprise for the next level productivity? The solution lies in Docker containerization strategy for your software release. Join the IT bandwagon and discover why smart enterprise prefer Docker.

Reduced Cost

Additional savings by running Docker is created through reduction of infrastructure resources involved. Docker permits multiple operations in a single VM which helps to reduce the overall costs. The number of total VMs being run is reduced which reduce expenditure on required resources and hypervisor licensing costs. Docker also reduces the number of employees needed for maintenance which also translates to less cost for manpower.

Standardization of Quality

Thanks to Docker, consistency is retained throughout multiple development and release cycles. This aids the enterprise to ensure the output of high quality software in every ambitious endeavour. A repeatable environment whereby building and testing can be an endless cycle allow developer to conduct testing in identical parameter. Good familiarity with the work flow is also beneficial for team to reduce time spent on fixing errors.

Multi-Cloud Platforms

Say hello to portability of Docker and you get to use it on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Compute Platform (GCP) too. Probably owing to the popularity of Docker which is expected to grow quadruple by 2021, major cloud computing services have embraced Docker. This is good news for enterprises as Docker can now be integrated into their preferred cloud computing platforms. Docker containers can perform in Amazon EC2, Google Compute Engine, Rackspace server and others.

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Compatibility and Maintainability

Eliminate issues associated with startup time by the the privilege of parity. Parity allows team members to run programmes on the same level of efficiency regardless of which laptop or server. Developers can enjoy less time spent on debugging and create fuss-free codeset to set up for operation. In return, the production infrastructure will become easier to maintain.

Simple Configurations

Docker puts the power of control in developers’ hands. For instance, codes can be inserted in configurations and deployment can take place without any issues. The great ease of use and high functionality can be used in virtually all environments. It can be applied in various industries and have been a key component for big brands such as Lyft, BBC News, Expedia, and others.


Applications and resources can operate in complete segregation from each other containers. This facilitates swift removal of unwanted application because each application runs on its own container. Deletion of a single container will not affect the others. In addition, developer can opt to allocate and distribute resources to each container. The use of resources by one container will not deprive others from optimizing their performances. This prevents degradation of resources which may incur expenditure for repair.

Exceed Expectations With Docker

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