AI making a first major step in Malaysia.

On the 3rd day of 2019, Penang Malaysia has introduced the country’s first Facial recognition camera system. This AI technology by IBM carries the duty to track down criminals using its AI capability. This is the second approach to AI by the Penang government, as they wish to make Penang a better city with the help of technology.

The first encounter between Penang Government and AI was on December 2017, when they work together with an AI company from America, Artificial Intelligence for Medical Epidemiology (AIME), in hope to drastically reduce the number of Dengue cases in Penang. Although it cost a lot of money for the government to implement these systems (RM12 million the IBM Facial recognition system), it proved that Malaysia is dedicated to becoming a developed country by joining the train of industry revolution 4.0.

News of Penang Island using AI Facial Recognition cameras to combat crime
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What is AI and Industry 4.0?

So, what exactly is AI? to put it into layman term, AI is when a computer is able to perform tasks that usually require human’s intelligence. These include but not limited to decision making, speaking, visual recognition, speech recognition and so on. AI is actually with us now, from Voice Assistance to Photography enhancement. Malaysia Proton new car, X70, are equipped with AI Voice assistant, that is able to understand Malaysian accents.

AI is part of Industry 4.0’s 9 pillars, which include Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security and Big Data. All 9 pillars from industry 4.0 are interdependence some way or another, which is the reason why they are so powerful. So powerful in fact, in May 2017, Google developed an AI program that beats the world Top player in the game of GO, the most complicated board game in the world. Google even developed an AI that are capable to create its own AI.

AI Robot playing Piano

Where will AI be in Malaysia?

With such high exposure and proved track record of efficiency, AI is definitely here to stay for the future. Since Malaysia Government already involve themselves in the field, be prepared to see the demand for AI skills set increase in no time. Job opportunities will rise within the next few years which requires us to equip with the knowledge about AI.

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