Ace Red Hat OpenStack For Career Opportunities

Learning Red Hat OpenStack can be an advantageous endeavour for open source experts. The wealth of career growth is alluring for new beginners and professionals.

Based on the report by Linux on open source job trends, majority of the surveyed managers agreed that challenges were faced in recruiting the right talents for open source-related vacancies. This is surprising as such career is in high demand in today’s job market but attempts to close the open positions have proven unfruitful for hiring managers. With increasing demand from 2017, the need to hire right talents to operate open source platforms is becoming more instrumental.

Increment for open source talents since last year indicate positive growth in the job market. The importance in acquiring the right talents is understandable as the wide application of open source platform in various industries call for a team of dedicated specialists. Operating the cloud system through a datacenter and running project sets such as Nova, Swift, and Keystone are highly demanding for adequate manpower.

Where is OpenStack applied?

Common misconception regarding high-end softwares such as CloudStack in which it is normally best optimized in IT-related industries. However, the robust framework is rather flexible for other work environment provided the correct manpower and mechanism were deployed.

Job Opportunities For OpenStack Experts

According to Indeed, individuals with expertise in Red Hat OpenStack earn up to RM485,000 annually (based on US job market). As the demand for OpenStack specialists increases, influenced by the lack of supply in the job market, it is of high probability that upward growth and good career opportunities can be anticipated. Therefore, new beginners to open source softwares should take advantage of this.

Seize Job Opportunities Now

Don’t let that paycheck slip away! Rise above the other candidates to become a Red Hat OpenStack specialist proven by training you undertook. A small investment in authentic training can equip you with a host of skills – much desired by hiring managers.

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