Microsoft System Center: Troubleshooting Configuration Manager

While most of you who are Configuration Manager administrators are fairly comfortable with the product and can perform common management tasks, many of you still have pain points when it comes to certain aspects of how the product works. Based on our observations and interactions with customers, the biggest knowledge gaps tend to be in the following areas:

• Troubleshooting common Configuration Manager tasks such as software distribution, software updates, and deployment.

• Understanding how the various components of Configuration Manager on both the server and client-side work together when such tasks are performed.

• Dealing with the enormous number of log files that are generated on both the server and client side of Configuration Manager.

This book is our attempt to address some of these gaps and pain points.

Chapter 1– Provide insights into the Configuration Manager architecture and deployment principles.

Chapter 2– Familiarize you with some of the key components of Configuration Manager and how they interact with each other when performing common tasks by using verbose logging for tracing the actions of various components.

Chapter 3– Examine how to troubleshoot various Configuration Manager functionality including software and application deployment, site-to-site replication, software update and patching, operating system deployment, and Mac client issues.

Click here to download the E-book.

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