Year End 2018: Events Highlight

(1) The Synergy Between ITIL, Agile, Lean IT and DevOps Workshop

Digital transformation is not just about embracing new technology, it is about a change in thought and organization culture. In order to further understand the statement, Info Trek Penang has invited Quint Wellington Redwood’s CEO Maurice Boon and Asia Consulting Director Michiel de Boer to conduct a wonderful half day workshop on  1st November 2018 to share with us what Digital transformation is.

It was a successful half day workshop with both Maurice and Michiel sharing their experience on how to consult their client on digital transformation, and how they help their client syncing up ITIL, Agile, Lean IT and DevOps.

It is our great honor to invite the CEO and Director of Quint Wellington Redwood to clear any doubt we have on ITIL, Agile, Lean IT and DevOps.

(2) Organization Agility Workshop

A full day workshop on topic about Organization Agility was introduced by Info Trek in 26th November 2018. Five trainers from different corporate were invited to speak for the events. They have rich experiences in agile coaching. Organizational agility is a core element that an organization should possess in response to the rapid changes in today’s business environment.

Main topics discussed during the workshop:

  • How and what’s needed during the implementation of agility at enterprise level.
  • Role of organizational leadership in transformation success.
  • How agility can be adopted in infrastructure side.
  • Way to work with MVP mindset and deliver things faster.
  • How to recognize value in diversity of team membership.

Few small and fun activities were conducted during the workshop to allow participants to have deeper understanding on building a high performing agile team.

Check out the video of the workshop:

If you are interested to further study about Agile courses, a special promotion is given as below:

(3) HRDF Conference & Exhibition 2018

On 27th and 28th November 2018, Info Trek has joined the HRDF Exhibition as a sponsorship. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the overwhelming responses and supports.

During the exhibition, we’ve launched a wellness program that we are partnering with Beacon Hospital that help you building a better health and well-being for your employees. This program is a one-day workshop which educate you to understand own medical report and how to eat healthy by DIY lunch with certified dietitian. The program has come with package of complimentary 47 types of blood test and it is fully claimable from HRDF!

Info Trek booth in HRDF exhibition.
Game activity conducted during HRDF exhibition and winner of the game!

More info about the wellness program:

If you would like to know more about this program, please feel free to contact us through the live chat on the right bottom!

(4) UX Talk

On 29th November 2018, Info Trek was honored to invite one of User Experience (UX) Authority, Human factors International (HFI) CEO and Founder Dr Eric Schaffer and HFI President MS Apala Lahiri Chavan to conduct a UX Talk 2018 – What is UX All About? in Info Trek Penang Center. It is also Info Trek’s honor to collaborate with Exabytes for this event.

It was a successful two sessions workshop with Dr Eric and Ms Apala sharing a lot of UX facts and figure that amaze many of us. UX is not just about where to put what, instead, it includes a lot of other things like culture, habit, social norm and even weather.

In order to benefit the public by encouraging the implication of UX, Info Trek and HFI decided to have a new pricing for Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) courses, so that more people can learn UX and use in to improve their works.

We have also created a video for that day, Check out the video below:

(5) Cyber Security Penetration Test Preview Workshop

On 7th December 2018, Mr Clement Arul once again wow our crowd with Penetration Testing demo, to demonstrate the importance of taking Cyber Security seriously. Info Trek Penang is proud to work with Kaapagam Academy once again, to organize a workshop that aim to increase the awareness of our clients, on the importance of conducting Penetration Testing on their system.

At this workshop, Mr Clement deliver the facts and figure of why it is important to conduct penetration testing. It appears that many cyber-attacks can be prevent if the company conduct penetration testing to their system.

Info Trek Penang will be having the first Certified Pentest Professional class on 14 – 18 January 2019 for those who want to learn how to do it. Seats are limited so sign up now!

(6) Cyber Security Preview Workshop

A 3-hours talk about cyber security was given by Info Trek on 18 December 2018. Clement Arul, the CEO of Kaapagam Technologies and Kaapagam Education was invited to speak for the event. Clement is also the winner for Cyber Security Excellence Award of Year 2017.

During the workshop, brief introduction of cyber security and latest attack trends were delivered by Clement through many real-life examples. Clement has also did some live demonstration to show on the hacks and what we should aware of online. Many useful tips and tricks were given to the participants for their alert.

Here are some of the relevant courses about Cyber Security:

Check out the video of Cyber Security Preview Workshop:


It’s the end of year 2018 and the new year is approaching. May the New Year brings you courage to break your resolutions.

“The time is now. Stop hitting the snooze button on your life!”

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