Info Trek Events Highlight in September 2018

September was a great month with full of activities that were worth your while. Let’s review them!

1 Cyber Security Awareness Workshop

On 13th September 2018, Info Trek had organized a Cyber Security Awareness Workshop at Info Trek Penang to increase the public awareness towards the importance of Cyber Security. Due to overwhelming response, there were total of 2 sessions and Mr. Clement Arul from Kaapagam Academy generously shared some very useful and important information regarding why Cyber Security is important and what one need to be cautious about.

The workshop was separated into 2 parts, first part is to gain mutual understanding and information about Cyber Security. This is when Mr. Clement showed some shocking statistics on how many cyber attacks happen in a year. More facts and figured were being showed in this session. Part 2 was a demo session where Mr. Clement hacked into a commercial website to show how he could manipulate the price he will be paying for his purchase. Of course, it is just for demo purpose and no harm were made. Mr. Clement also hacked into his own phone by just downloading a simple app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. A simple download will result in our phone camera being compromise by hacker. Worst of all, without any sign that the phone camera is being turned on!

Cyber Security is not an option, it’s a must for everyone. Courses are coming soon, stay tuned!

2 Deploying Ansible and Red Hat OpenShift & Containers Workshop

A full day workshop was organized on 14 September 2018 covering 2 main topics, Ansible and OpenShift & Containers. This workshop was conducted through hands-on to help attendees to have better understanding on the topics discussed. Mr. Kelvin Lai was invited to speak for the event. He is a Technical Trainer/Consultant with Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Ansible Automation, Red Hat Certified Architect Level 2 and other Red Hat certifications.

There was a brief introduction on the usage and benefits of Ansible and Containers & Open Shift. Our trainer demonstrated on the installation and configuration of Ansible as well as creating a simple playbook. The trainer also touched on the OpenShift Container fundamentals and lifecycle by demonstration of deploying an Application with OpenShift.

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3 Azure Blockchain Hands-On Lab Workshop

As the backbone of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain is the buzz word of 2018 and it certainly deserves the title.  Standing in front of tech world, Info Trek created a workshop regarding Blockchain on 20 September 2018 by inviting Eng Teong, Microsoft MVP to deliver a hands-on lab about Blockchain at Info Trek Penang.

90% of the registered attendees turned up for this hands-on lab with many more under waiting list! This shows that Malaysian love to learn the latest and newest.

This hands-on lab uses Azure as the main workbench that carries Blockchain. The PoC (Proof of Concept) level of using Azure Blockchain Workbench integrates with Azure Active Directory as the preferred choice of handling identity and authentication. As compared to other Active Directory, Azure will help do all the heavy lifting.

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4 AWS Technical Essential Workshop

A full day workshop on topic about AWS was introduced by Info Trek in September. We’ve received enthusiastic response from the public, hence this workshop was hosted twice to cater to the demand, which is on 20 and 21 September 2018. We invited Mr. Faisal Mahmood, a certified AWS technical trainer to speak for the workshop. He has many years of experiences and many real-life examples have been demonstrated by him on the spot.

Introduction on AWS products, services and common solutions were covered during the event. During the workshop, attendees are able to gain insight on how to identify services on AWS in order to make the right decisions on their IT solutions according to their business requirement.

Main topic discussed during the workshop:

  • AWS Cloud Computing and comparison with other Cloud services provider
  • Foundation Services: EX2 (Cloud Computing) , S3 and EBS (Storage Services) and VPC (Network Services).
  • AWS IAM (Identity & Access Management)
  • AWS Managed Databased Services: RDS (Relational Database Services) and DynamoDB (NoSQL Database).
  • Autoscaling, CloudWatch, ELB (Elastic Loadbalancing) and Trusted Advisor.

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September has ends and it’s okay if you’ve missed out these workshops. We’re bringing more workshops soon, keep an eye on our Event and Facebook pages to receive the latest information. Make sure you don’t miss them again!

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