Digital transformation and how to realize it

Our world is going through a huge digital transformation. The technology push, information push and social push bring with them major, disruptive changes. Organizations have no choice: they must undergo a digital transformation to become a digital organization. The question is, how? New technology and new kinds of information change the lives of individuals and organizations alike. Every organization, whether for-profit or non-profit, needs to ask itself what opportunities all these new possibilities offer, and what threats they bring. And most importantly: what must be done differently from now on?

This paper addresses that question through an action plan consisting of five main steps.

Step 1: Focus on short cycles

Step 2: Create a digital foundation

Step 3: Become more agile

Step 4: Investigate new technologies

Step 5: Surprise your customers

Download the whitepaper here.

Source: Quint Wellington Redwood

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