Scrum Free Workshop – Maximize benefit of Scrum with DevOps Practices

Free Workshop

DevOps has become a buzzword in past few years and demand for same is growing day by day. Same time it is also creating a lot confusion about usages of DevOps terminology. Some says it is about culture or other focus more on tools and automation. But rarely people talks about DevOps as process or framework. Same way, adoption of Scrum is growing and not only in Software but beyond software development.

People always refer Scrum as process framework not practice or tools. Our workshop is going to cover about how to use Scrum as process framework and take advantages of self-organizing to build DevOps culture, but at the same time how to use DevOps automation and tools to amplifying feedback loop and bring better empiricism in product development.

What are the learning objectives of the workshop?

  • Why we need Scrum as process framework?
  • Where DevOps practices fit in Scrum?
  • Why we need to stay focused on building self-organizing team?
  • What practices of DevOps bring best of Scrum?
  • How DevOps tools help in faster feedback loop?

Grab the opportunity now and learn from the expert. Seats are limited, get over and sign up now before it is all taken up. Click here to register.

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