Growing a User Experience (UX) Career

Ever wondered how’s a career as an User Experience (UX) professional like? Do you need IT background to excel in this career?

Hear from the founder and CEO of Human Factors International itself, Dr. Eric Schaffer. He will be sharing the in and out of what encompasses UX as a career and how the journey can be as an eye opener to many who are unfamiliar with the term UX.

I personally got a chance to meet him during this year annual UXchange Malaysia 2017 in January. He shared a lot of insights about how UX has changed many companies in how it can affect its businesses.

“You differentiate today based on more advanced things.
More advanced things means a good UX strategy.” Dr. Eric Schaffer.

Download the whitepaper on a conversation of ‘Growing a UX Career’ and do check out our latest offers for User Experience training and certification.

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