Microsoft Build 2019 – Azure Is The Future

Microsoft Build 2019 Logo - Azure is the future

“A High-Tech future is finally on its way”, “Azure is really powerful”. These are the thought I have after finished watching Microsoft Build 2019. It reminds me of Marvel movie Iron man. If you ever watch Iron Man, you can expect those High-tech features to come in the near future. Let me share with you what has been introduced in this year Microsoft Build.

Azure Speech Service

What is Azure Speech Service? Well, the official definition is “the unification of speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and speech-translation into a single Azure subscription. It’s easy to speech-enable your applications, tools, and devices with the Speech SDK, Speech Devices SDK, or REST APIs.”

This is basically a feature provided by Microsoft, to help translate speech-to-text, text-to-speech, Speech Translation, Voice-first virtual assistants. During Microsoft Build 2019, Microsoft engineer, with just normal smartphone, laptop.

Microsoft has improved this service by improving the speech recognition ability and also the ability to understand jargons from different region/country, and also understand industry jargons that only applicable to that industry.

Azure Speech Service Part

Personal Assistant

It’s nothing new, but it takes a lot to call one a truly useful personal assistant. This year, Microsoft focus on making the assistant multi-Domain, multi-turn, and multi-agent connect. Which basically means that the assistant will connect multiple service agent, multiple domains and is not a one-way command taking assistant, instead, an assistant that can have a human-like conversation.

In the demonstration during Microsoft Build 2019, Microsoft personal Assistant can literally help you to do whatever you want within the ecosystem.

Scheduling, checking the calendar, checking colleagues’ calendar, Microsoft Personal Assistant can help you handle it.

Personal Assistant Part

Azure Spatial Anchor x HoloLens Technology

Ever imagine having a meeting virtually, with the person actually appearing in front of you? No, we are not there yet, but we are near already. This year, Microsoft introduces Azure Spatial Anchors.

What are Azure Spatial Anchors? Based on Microsoft Definition, “Spatial Anchors is a cross-platform developer service that allows you to create mixed reality experiences using objects that persist their location across devices over time.”

This technology will empower developers to build spatially aware mixed reality applications. And the most “wow” features happen when team up with Microsoft HoloLens.

One can literally join a meeting using an avatar to represent themselves, and can actually read the documents on the wall, pick it up, enlarge, draw on it, get inside it and many more.

Although it’s not as advanced as what has been shown in Iron Man movie, but we are in the right direction now.

So now, I believe you will believe me when I say the high-tech future is near, right?

Azure Spatial Anchors X HoloLens

So, now is a good time to equip yourself with Azure knowledge skills now buy joining our Azure training.

Building Smarter Cities And Communities

Conceptually, the smart cities trend can be described as the technology application to solve problems within cities and communities. Most citizens, businesses and local government leadership can readily cite visible problems such as traffic congestion or parking headaches that could benefit from technology. This research which based on opinions of citizens and government, provides further insight into how smart cities and communities are developing and what to expect going forward.

Key points:

  • Elevating the understanding of smart city concepts will take time; ‘bridge technologies’ can help.
  • Making the leap from digital to smart requires advances on my fronts.
  • Data is critical to smart city success, and it is one of the most challenging components to get right.
  • Ensuring smart cities are cyber-safe will require resources and a commitment to shared responsibility.

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Sustainable sourcing, sourcing with respect for future generations

Anyone who speaks about an increased awareness of sustainability has a personal story that illustrates why sustainability is important to them. Our present use of available natural resources is no longer sustainable and something needs to change. A growing number of crises in the world can be seen that are threatening our existence. Different way of organizing economic system, our companies and our personal lives are needed for a more sustainable living.

Few topics were discussed in this paper:

  • The paradigm that urges us to change
  • Impact that your organization strive for
  • Creating impact through sourcing
  • Sustainable sourcing (Sourcing Strategy, Sourcing Initiative, Sourcing Management)

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Rapid Home Provisioning and Maintenance

The growing scale of today’s data centers puts increasing demands on administrators. At the same time, consumers expect fast access to always-on services, so deployment and maintenance must be efficient and non disruptive. In order to keep pace, complexity and manual touch points must be reduced. Oracle’s Rapid Home Provisioning solution standardizes and simplifies software distribution and management. Automation and efficiency minimize the impact of maintenance and scale to large deployments.

Rapid Home Provisioning represents a standard method for provisioning, patching and upgrading the Oracle Database estate in a unified manner across an entire enterprise.

Key benefits include:

  • Enables and enforces standardization
  • Simplifies provisioning, patching and upgrading
  • Minimizes the impact and risk of maintenance
  • Increases automation and reduces touch points
  • Supports large scale deployments

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Digital Design: Adobe for Every Purpose

Adobe is prominently known for Reader found in almost all desktops. In actuality, we may have seen works enhanced by its softwares more than we realized. So, what makes what in the world of Adobe?

Adobe In Practice

A single Creative Cloud subscription grant you access to more than 34 softwares. However, one may not need all master all of them for day-to-day tasks. It varies based on individuals and their corresponding job duties.

Assuming a graphic designer is to take the helm for a visual design project, one may need to utilize a composition of softwares to complete the task.

Which should you master?

One is unlikely to utilize all of apps in a single span of their careers. A good mix of mastery over selected apps provide ample room of growth. Never be a jack of all apps, but a master of a selected few.

We would recommend these following combos in response to some selected job titles you may be familiar with.

Videographer, Video Editor: Adobe After Effect + Premiere Pro

Taking good videos is only the first half of a job well done, the other half relies on post production. Full exercise of Adobe After Effect and Premiere Pro can do wonders for the video production. After Effect creates raster-based 2D and 3D animations, motion graphics, and cinematic effects. In contrast, Premiere Pro is essential for arranging elements into one final sequence video. Knowing one or both apps can help to produce high quality videos with professional finish.

Graphic designer: Adobe Dreamweaver + Illustrator + Photoshop

One should possess every trick in the book to excel at creating visuals and artworks that win approvals. To do so, one should understand how these apps work and interposed with each other.

Adobe Illustrator is essential to create multitude of visuals including posters, logos, mascots and even one-page document. Image enhancement and less demanding visual production can be accomplished with Adobe Photoshop. Together these two Adobe apps make an excellent combo for visual design. In addition, Adobe Dreamweaver can be used to build responsive websites and apps. Graphic designer should consider learning website design for greater skills to boast and salary perk.

Publisher: Adobe InDesign + Photoshop

Adobe InDesign is the industry-standard for publishing design. Hence, it is essential to understand how the app works its magic for publication of print and digital media. The vast possibility afforded by InDesign allows users to integrate elements from Illustrator and Photoshop. The production of classy visuals and images is simplified with Photoshop, and the easy integration with InDesign makes work incredibly easier.

That is not all. The high impact output delivered by Adobe makes its presence known in virtually all industries. This translates to greater job opportunities for professionals with the ideal set of skills.