Pen Test (Penetration Testing)– Why Is it Important?

Penetration Testing or Pen Test is the exam for your security effort

CyberSecurity and Penetration testing

When it comes to cybersecurity, most of the time, Penetration Testing, or Pen Test, in short, stand a crucial role. I know I have always written about the importance of cybersecurity and getting you people aware of cybersecurity. Well, Pen Test is in another region by itself. To put it into a more layman term, all the cybersecurity efforts are like studying, Pen Test is the exam.

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How to Get Your IG stories into the Explore Tab

If you are a brand playing a strong game on Instagram, you will want to continue reading this article.

The Explore tab on Instagram is every user’s glimpse at the open world of content by people we haven’t yet Followed. Over the years, this section of the app has improved to include IGTV and Shop content as well.

Up until recently, Stories was the last piece of the Explore puzzle which the company says will be rolling to all in the coming months.

Ever since it was introduced a couple years back, Stories has been steadily outgrowing the views of Posts and IGTV combined[1]. Perhaps it’s due to the ‘temporariness’ that encourages people to be candid and casual with their content. Or perhaps it’s the absence of Likes that get people to really appreciate the content.

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Application Development In The Age of Business Automation

As the world moves deeper into an era of ongoing disruption from digital players, technology has become an essential part of every job. It was predicted that the demand for application development will grow 5X faster than the related IT capacity through 2021. To succeed in today’s digital economy, organizations need to support application development at all levels, when and where required by decision makers.

Few topics were discussed in depth in this whitepaper:

  • Rise of the Citizen Developer
  • Disrupt, or Be Disrupted: The Case for Business Automation
  • The Building Blocks of Business Automation

Get this whitepaper and learn how an organization should support application development in order to success in today’s digital economy.