Simple Steps to Get Storytelling on Social Media Right

I recently came out of the Bumblebee movie feeling more satisfied than all the previous Transformers series combined. If the cinematic experience was more epic in the first five movies, why was this little spin-off loved by more moviegoers?

Similarly with social media content and advertisements. Why are some able to connect with us emotionally more than others?

In the golden age of Big Data and Machine Learning, marketers often make the fatal mistake of relegating their audiences down to numbers and graphs. The result is an endless streak of uninspiring content built based on statistics and algorithms rather than human beings.

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SQL Server Performance: faster querying with SQL Server

With data factoring in an increasing amount of interactions everywhere, it’s important to not only keep up with the volume of data but harness the power of it.

This need presents an opportunity for you to modernize your organisation’s applications and drive digital transformation with better built-in analytics. By using the most advanced business intelligence capabilities, you can make the most of the vast and varied data out there, accelerate your speed of doing business through smarter decision-making and faster execution and gain a competitive advantage.

Microsoft SQL Server can help you achieve this goal by offering critical built-in capabilities, including:

  • Industry-leading in-memory performance
  • Trusted security
  • Game-changing in-database advanced analytics
  • Flexibility to run your complete data estate on any environment with any data

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How much should you spend on your company’s Cyber Security?

How much should a company spend for cyber security

Why is Cyber Security knowledge is crucial?

I have been writing a lot on the importance of cyber security, for both personal and corporate. There are various reasons why I emphasize so strong on the importance of cyber security, but the main reason is fairly simple. Our world is advancing from day to day, non-stop.

This result in a lot of non-technical people using technology stuff now. Regardless of what age they are in, you can easily find someone with a network connected device on their hand. From 10 years old to 90 years old, everyone has a device. This will result in a very serious security threat because, honestly speaking, they are not aware of the danger that the internet can result in. same goes for companies.  

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Understanding Emerging Technology Automation

Most discussions about emerging technology tend to focus on the individual technologies that are working their way towards adoption. CompTIA’s research series on emerging tech has featured AI, blockchain, virtual reality/augmented reality and more.

As businesses reconsider how technology impacts their operations and strategies, it is natural for them to concentrate more on the future trends that have potential to be disruptive. The problem comes in finding the resources to dedicate to such an effort. Treating “emerging technology” as a collection of discrete fields to be dissected individually creates bottlenecks and exacerbates skill gaps.

Few topics were discussed in this paper:

  • Automation
  • Adoption Patterns
  • Benefits of Adoption
  • Challenges

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