A Drone that Shoo You Home

It’s hard to overwork when a robot is telling you to stop. Credit: Taisei

Japan’s intense work culture may be put to the test by a new drone, circling over the heads of over-industrious employees and blasting out loud music in an attempt to make them go home.

A drone that hovers over Japanese employees and blares music to force them to go home was unveiled by its maker recently, as the country tries to reduce its notoriously long work hours.

The “T-Frend” buzzes over those trying to work late, blasting out strains of “Auld Lang Syne” – a Scottish tune typically used in Japan to announce that a store is closing.

“You can’t really work when you think ‘it’s coming over any time now,’ and hear ‘Auld Lang Syne’ along with the buzz,” said Norihiro Kato, a director at Taisei, an office security and cleaning firm that codeveloped the system.

The drone is equipped with a camera, which stores footage on an SD card. Office scenes can also be monitored almost in real time from a remote location.

The machine recognizes its location on building floors without GPS. It takes off from its port, makes a surveillance flight on a pre-set path and then returns autonomously. Continue reading “A Drone that Shoo You Home”

Three Elements For Efficient Cloud Implementation

Successful cloud implementation requires a holistic view of all aspects that will be impacted by the initiative, including people, processes, and technology. Defining and building a complete, effective cloud environment — whether private, public, or hybrid — can transform your business, speed product delivery, and reduce costs.

Cloud solutions have transitioned from emerging technology to critical and strategic infrastructure components. As a result, communications service providers (CSPs) must sort through a proliferation of products and methodologies to make the right choices for their businesses.

Regardless of the type of cloud environment, properly preparing for the shift to cloud operations allows you to do more, faster, and at lower costs. This whitepaper discusses the Red Hat® Consulting methodology for combining people, processes, and technology to deploy an effective, efficient cloud environment and highlights several CSPs that have done so.

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Voice Technology- Marketing in the New Future

Voice – the next digital frontier. Such is the voyage of the World Wide Web; to explore new forms and functions, and ultimately lead us to The Singularity.

Though still new to most of the world, Voice Technology is already seeing massive investments by the world’s top technology firms. Pundits are even coining it the dawn of a new era of the Internet. Digital Assistants in your mobile devices and home speakers like Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, Cortana and Bixby may very possibly be how we will interact with the World Wide Web in the near future. Not convinced? Read on.

Google’s recent I/O Developer Conference unveiled a next-level Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant called Duplex that can make calls on your behalf, and sound like at human at that.[1] Apple, too, announced heavy focus in its own Voice Assistant Siri by poaching arch-nemesis Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) head.[2] Not to mention Apple’s recent WWDC 2018 announcements enabling Siri to do more than set your alarm clock.[3] And if you are more convinced with numbers, Search Engine Land reported 31 million units of activated Alexa devices and 14 million units of Google Home devices in the United States alone as of December 2017.[4]

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Oracle Database 12c Release 2 for Data Warehousing and Big Data

What is a data warehouse? Quite simply, a data warehouse is a database built for the purposes of analysis. “Data warehouses” encompass a huge range of applications today, from large-scale advanced analytical data stores supporting dozens of sophisticated analysts to pre-built business intelligence applications with tens of thousands of users, and from enterprise-wide data warehouses to departmental data marts. Data warehouses are now a mainstay of the IT infrastructure, enabling both long-term strategic planning and agile responses to new market conditions.

However, data warehousing is undergoing a major transition. The benefits of data warehouses are currently being realized in most organizations, partially if not wholly. The best practices for data warehouses are well established, and the technologies supporting data warehouses have become more and more mature. Today’s leading-edge organizations, seeking to further differentiate themselves through analytics, are expanding their data warehouses with “big data”.

This paper focuses on Oracle Database 12c Release 2’s capabilities for data warehousing and big data. The first section of this paper describes an overall architecture for big data illustrating the role of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 – available in the Oracle Cloud – in a ‘big data’ architecture. Subsequent sections highlight the capabilities in Oracle Database 12c Release 2 to support data warehouses and big data, focusing on hardware integration, performance, scalability and analytics.

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